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742 FIFTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. 1. Rns. 23-26. 1902. of Agriculture may require for sending out seeds on Congressional rnserlptam orders, the franks to have_ printed thereon the facsimile signatures of Senators, Representatives, and Deligates, als? the names of their respective States or Territories, and ewords _ United States Department of Agriculture, Congressional Seed D1str1bution ", or such other sue. printed matter as the Secretary of Agriculture may direct; the franks to be of such size and style as may be prescribed y the Secretary of E*P°"'°· Agriculture; the expense of (printing the said franks to be charged to the allotment for printing an binding for the two Houses of Congress. Approved, May 19, 1902. Mw 21, 1%*2. [No. 2}.1 Joint Resolution the time when certain provisions of the Indian

 appmpgngcéd for the year ending June thirtieth, nineteen hundred and three,

i Resobyej by Me Senate and H`0use2l;é .Iri@·e8e;]t¢at10gues of Hof IM •¤ ¤1>v¤u>¤·- a meriea in Oangrese ascem t the ct entitle An mm Acphmgképg appropriations for ftge curient and contingent expenses of e nn e rtment andg trea stipulations with the various Indian tribies for the fiscal year ending Suns thirtieth, nineteen new of ezrgct hundred and three, and for othe;(purposes," shall take etfect from and A""' p' ‘ after July iirst, nineteen hund and two, except as otherwise specially provided therein. Approved, May 27, 1902. _ lay 27, 1902. [No. 121:1: glesglution t13e timtel wlrgph a certain prgvi-gippegf the Indian [Pm Rm N0_,,,] xpm .84gme or e year en une rm , nineteen an three, Beeabved by the Senate and House of R ·e0entatvIvea of the Unit d spoknuelndnm me States of America in Oongreas assembled, ¥7hat that provision in the mnhiiionlé erm-ies not Act entitled "An Act making apgropriations for the current and cong§g;f‘},‘§,’f“ D°°°¤· tmgent expenses of the Indian epartment and for fulfilling treaty AN4»P·266- stipulations with various Indian trrbes for the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, nineteen hundred and three, and for other purposes/’ which relates to the subjecting to entry under the mining laws of the United States certain lands in the Spokane Indian Reservation, in the State of Washington, shall not take eifect and be operative until December thirty-iirst, nineteen hundred and two. Approved, May 27, 1902. 3128.1902. [N.2s. J‘tReee1t‘ T 'df b " the use <`·=·-=?*%—-r·~f¤».] 'im · Resolved by the Senate and House of Reaentativee Me U °¢ed £{'gm:§f”“ Staten of rimeriea in Oongresa d88€médd,@Bt there beifprintedwhve dandngngrcg consoll- thousand copies of the consolidated reports of the Gettysburg National '“ "° ‘ Park Commission, eighteen hundre and ninety-three to nineteen namrmuen, hundred and one, inc usive, of which one thousand shall be for the Senate, two thousand for the House of Representatives, one thousand for the office of the Secretary of War, and one thousand for the Gettysburg National Park Commission. Approved, May 28, 1902.