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7 74 FIFIY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. ons. 194,195. 1903. J¤¤¤¤¤’Y Z0, 1903 CHAP. 194.·—An_Act Making appropriationsto supply additional urgent deficien-

    ge appropriations for the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, nineteen hundred

._ Be it enacted kg the Senate and House ofltepresentattves oft/te United .p*,{£”r,j,,,,;’,j’lf*°‘°”°Y States of America in Congress assembled, That the following sums be, and the same are hereby, appro riated, out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated: to supply deficiencies in the appropriations for the fiscal year nineteen hundred and three, namely:


,,£°P”¤'*°¤° °* -‘“* For printing and binding for the Department of Justice, to be exe- ` cuted under the direction 0 the Public _ rinter, eight thousand dollars. D*°'*'*°'°*°°‘“'°*"‘· DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA. F“°*· For fuel, as follows: For the metro litan police, three thousand dollars; for the Hre department, four thdusand five hundred dollars; m§;,{f,g°m D*¤°’*°° for (public schools, forty-five thousand dollars; in all, fifty-two thou- ` ’ san five hundred dollars, one half of which shall be pai out of the revenues of the.District of Columbia and the other half out of the Treasury of the United States. ,,§‘g,"f‘°°f B°*”'°“°“" HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES. ,,,*f“°°“““°°““*‘°“‘”· For miscellaneous items and expenses of special and select committees, forty thousand dollars. Approved, January 20, 1903. ‘ -T¤¤¤nry 21. 1908- CHAP. 195.-An Act To amend an Act entitled "An Act to provide for the use

 of timber and stone for domestic and industrial purposes in the Indian Territory,"

approved June sixth, nineteen hundred. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Re esentatives of the United {Bf"}; '{,j;",;{,"Q¤d States of America in Lbngress assembled, Tgt the Act entitled "An miie nn mum-nu Act to provide for the use of timber and stone for domestic and indus- "“€£{{°°'gl_ ,,_ M_ trial purposes in the Indian Territory," approved June sixth, nineteen '“”°“‘*°d· hundred, be amended so as to read as follows: msgmgw °,Q,_£,_}gé “That the Secretary of the Interior is authorized to prescribe rules mes, em. and regulations for the procurement of timber and stone for domestic and industrial purposes, includin the construction, maintenance, and Us W '¤“*'°°d* repairs of railroads and other higiways, to be used only in the Indian Territory, or upon any railroad outside of the said Territory which is part of any continuous line of railroad extending into the said Territory, from lands belonging to either of the Five Civilized Tribes, and to iix the full value thereof to be paid therefor and collect the same {,’§g;,‘{'{;, ,,,0,,m,O for the benefit of said tribes: Hwzwded, however, That nothing herein gg¤y:s,;2€e¢i,mMr.¤r¤-. contained shall be construed to prevent allottees from disposing of ` timber and stone on their allotments, as provided in section sixteen of V"'- “°» P· "°‘· an Act entitled ‘An Act for the protection of the ople of the Indian Territory, and for other purposes} approved ddne twenty-eighth, eighteen hundred and ninety-eight, from and after the allotment by the Commission to the Five Civilized Tribes. ,.,,{j‘;“g*,}{{,,fg:f€‘g,§*’·"‘ “Sec. That every person who unlawfully cuts, or aids or is employed in unlawfully cuttin , or wantonly destroys, or procures to be wantonly destroyed, any timI>er standin upon the lands of either of said tribes contrary to the provisions of tiiis Act and the regulations