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1824 CONVENTION-WAR ON LAND. JULY 29, 1899. roperty of those States, or of appartienne a ces Etats ou a des lllompanies, or of private persons, Societes ou personnes privées, leur shall be sent back to them as soon sera renvoyé aussitet que possible. as possible. _ ARTICLE LV. Antricmz 55. A<i¤¤i¤*¤¤¤¤¤¤ 0* The occu in State shall only L’Etat occupant ne se conside- °°°°pi°d www"' be regardedues gdministrator and rera que comme administrateur et usufructuary of the public build- usufruitier des ediiices publics, ings, real mproperty, forests, and immeubles, foréts et exploitations `cultu works belonging to agricoles appartenant a l’Etat enthedlhostile State, and situated in nemi et se trouvant dans le pays the occupied country. It must occupe. ll devra sauvegarder le protect the capital of these pipper- fond de ces proprietes et les adties, and administer it acco ing ministrer conformément aux reto the rules of usufruct. gles de Pusufruit. _ Ancrrcmu LVI. Airrronn 56. M¤¤i•=*P¤l· NW The ro rt of the communes Les biens des communes, ceux dm"' m"I I y` that oprehgiohs, charitable, and des établissements consacres aux educational institutions, and those cultes, a la charite et si l’instrucof arts and science, even when tion, aux arts et aux sciences, State property, shall be treated as meme appartenant a1’Etat, seront private property. traités comme la propriéte privee. _ Toute saisie, destruction ou de? All seizure of, and destruction, gradationintentionnelle de semblaor intentional damage done to such les etablissements, de monuments institutions, to historical monu- historiques, d’ceuvres d’art et de ments, works of art or science, is science, est interdite et doit etre plrohibited, gud shoiéld be made poursuivie. . e subject o procee ings. uggglzmgg SEUHON IV.--ON run INTERN- SECTION IV.—D1cs Bnnmoizwounded ni mum: umm or BnLuor:1u:N·rs AND run nuns lsrmnuns nr mus Buzssés °°°“"*°‘· (Jann or run Wouuonn IN SOIGNES cmu ans Nnurnns. Nmmm. Cousrxums. Airncm LVI1. Armoire 57. " n8<>;ggg·¤;:¤g¤wi A neutral State which receives LfEtat neutre qui recoit sur son emma-y. in its territory troops belon 'n temtoire des troupes appartenant to the belligerent armies gliah aux armées belligérantes, les interintern them, as far as pomible, at nera, autant que possible, loin du a distance from the theatre of war. theétre de la guerre. ' It can keep them in camps, and Il pourra es garder dans des even confine them in fortresses or camps, et meme les enfermer dans locations assigned for this purpose. les orteresses ou dans des lieux approdpriés a cet eifet. It shall decide whether officers l ecidera si les oihciers peumay be left at liberty on giving vent étre laisses libres en prenant their tparole that they wil not l’engagement sur parole de ne pas leave- eneutral territory without quitter le territoire neutre sans authorization. autorisation. Airncnn LVIII. Anrrcnn 58. Y°°°·¤*°*‘¤*¤8·°¤=· Failing a special Convention, A défaut de convention speciale, the neutral State shall supply the l’Etat neutre fournira aux iuternés