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Ss n 30. 1 . `I 888 MONEYORDER CONVENTION-CANADA_ I SECOND ADVICE. CANADA. snooxn Avis. - Cette lormule doit etre employee lozsque le s na ,. l.3'$‘.2’e‘§'?.‘c§m‘éL3€¤§*“§;?’05'e’é?“0I’§§ 325m} g;;¤;g¤*-3,*;¤;sg¤¤¤¤g;;,¤g¤g¤g*_5sI;,;;,g,g_;1 not to have reached its destination, not to have n,sv°i£p° été l,égu1f;:qmen:timbré ou Si é been dulystamped orsigned by the Postmaster, He mpxm de pcsw ou .1] t umm gut or to be otherwise detective. rms Second Au- Qgmmux Le mom mf}, {gm u “;““ vice must agree in all particulars, except the les mp niconfome au Prem}; E l,e';Le;,?:; Date Stamp with the Orxgmal. du “mg°m t dna Stamp of inning office. Omce of issue 1 Date 01 2nd advice. Bureau d’émission I ··················‘‘·‘' : ‘'‘‘‘‘'‘‘‘‘‘‘‘ N° ‘‘'‘‘‘ D 8.-. Drawn by the above Ofllce, upon thePost0i!lce at EEZ ··—;—j;·—¤ (Tire par 1e Bureau cl-dessus sur le Bureau de ¤ Z · Date of Ongmal Poste al) uq Advice.' ¤ ¤ (Date du pre- § g ¤¤¢¤ ¤vi¤-> .. ,2 ,, . ¤ ·¤

190 .¤ 8

Ec: I Province, State, or country. E *" (La Province, l'Etat ou lc Pays.)} ‘'‘‘‘·‘*‘‘'‘‘‘‘‘‘‘'‘····‘‘‘*‘‘·‘ P sm: or mr onnna. ° [noxnm DU'lANDA’l‘.] A . .. . . dollars. .. cents. ma urn. [nsancnran.] Amount.—[Montant.] ‘ The person to whom the order is payable. S . [IA pemonnc a qui le liandat est payable.] . I _ Chrbtian name.—[Nom de Surname.—[Nom de famille.] —·-—-——————· bapteme.] ammnuca or nvm. · [aasxnaxca my ntnncrarna.] Street and number. City or Town. County, Department or Canton. [Rue et numéro.] [Ville ou Village.] [Comté, département ou canton.] rn: aunrrn. [1.'n·vovum.] The person who purchased the Order. [La personne qui a obtenu le rnandat.]. Christian name.-[Nome de bapteme.] I Surname.-[Nom de Iamille.] I Residence.

Stamp of paying omce. g ;`_“_`“”"°" 0 >• . . 5 Signature ol Postmaster who draws the Order. 3 I [Signature du Maltre de Ponte qui tire le Mandat.] E I

K 5 I

This mice énust et: bdatfd, Cehteltvgs dol: éthrefatéétirnobre I I; I Kam an slgn y he esign re at t I Postmaster who draws the qui a tlrgde mandarg e e I E I order. I ; I


 On Hua Majesty’s Service.

``````' 'ii `ji.` om:. The Pustmurer nt -.. . ..,,__ _ ______________________ _ __________________________________ Province or State ot . , _,_________________ _ _______ _ ______________