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TREATY-GREAT Bn1in1N. MAY 31,,1902. 1959 Treaty between the United States and Great Britain concerning the M¤Y31.1902· establishment of import duties in Zanzibar. Sned at Washington May 31, 1902; ratiyication with amendment axised by the Senate June 30, 1902; ratijied by the Pr·esident July 22, 1.902; ratified %•] Great Britain August 27, 1.902; rati/ications exchanged at Was - ington October 17, 1902; proclaimed October 17, 1.902. THEODORE ROOSEVELT, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES or AMERICA. To all to whom these fbresents shall come, Greeting: Know Ye, that whereas a Convention between the United States of Preamble. America. and Great Britain, concerning the establishment of im rt duties in that portion of the Dominions of His Hi hness the Suitian of Zanzibar which is under the protection of Greathlritain, was concludedat Vllashington on the 31st. of May, one thousand, nine hundred and two, the original of which Convention is, as amended by the Senate of the United States, word for word as follows: The United States of America and His Majesty the King of the 0<>¤¤~¤¤¤i¤s1><>¤·¤r¤. United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland and of the British Dominions beyond the Seas, Emperor of India, acting in the name of His Highness the Sultan of Zanzibar, have, for the purposes hereinafter stated, appointed their respective Plenipotentiaries, namely: The President of the United States of America, the Honorable John Pl°¤lP°*¤¤¤·¤i~*· Hsg, Secretary of State of the United States of America; and is Britannic Majesty, Arthur Stewart Raikes, Esquire, His Britannic Majesty’s Chargé d’Aifaires, Who, after havin communicated each to the other their res ective full powers in good! and due form, have agreed upon the foliowing Articles: ARTICLE I. Reco nizing that it is just and necessar * to facilitate to that 1'tlOD lynirss ¤=¤¤¤;·¤;;~·•gi;·e~ of the gominions of His Highness the Slhltan of Zanzibar which is grli$iagfi¤i(is¤iiii»¤iii under the protection of Great Britain, and which is situated in the basin of the Congo, as defined by the General Act of the African Conference at Berlin of February 26th, 1885, the accomplishment of the obligations which it has contracted by virtue of the General Act of Brussels of July 2nd, 1890, the United States waives any objection on V=>l·27·¤— its part to the collection of import duties upon merchandise imported into that Protectorate. The tariff of these duties, as provided in the Declaration of Brussels ,uRmS“<g Qg;§¤·i¤*- bearing the same date as the said General Act of Brussels, for the g ' period of fifteen years next ensuing from that date, is not to exceed ten per centum of the value of the merchandise at the port of importation, except for spirits and for firearms and ammunition, which are regulated by the General Act of Brussels. At the expiration of the said (period of fifteen years, and in default 0,%¤,{_ge;=vga=1g*¤¤i·>*> of a new agreement, the Unite States will, with respect to this sub-`" ject, be restored to the relations with the said Protectorate which existed prior to the Conclusion of this Convention, the right to impose