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FIFTY-EIGHTH ooxonnss. sms. 111. on. 1479. 1905. 1077 clerks and deputy clerks of the United States courts in the Indian Territory under the provisions of the Act of February nineteenth, Vo1. 32, p. uz. nineteen hundred and three, which, under the terms of said Act, is to be applied to the permanent school fund of the district, and all money which may hereafter come into his hands from the same source under said Act; and the Secretary of the Interior is hereby authorized to use said moneiy in maintaining, strengthening, and enlargin the schools in the ndian Territory as provided for in this paragraph. For collection and transportation of pupils toand from Indian schools, T"“""°"°°°°“· °"" and also for the transportation of Indian pupils from all the Indian - schools and placing of them, with the consent of their parents, under the care and control of such suitable white families as ma in all respects be qualified to give such pupils moral, industrial, andy educational training, under arrangements in which their proper care, suppoat, and education shall be in exchange for their labor, sixty thousand o ars. That all ex nditure of mone appropriated for school U1 oses in €,‘{§°""“°“ 0* "" this Act shalfbeat all times undlnr this sg ervision and direldtidlii of the pe mms, Commissioner of Indian Affairs, and in all respects in conformity with such conditions, rules, and regulations as to the conduct and methods of instruction and expenditure of money as may be from time to time prescribed by him, subject to the supervision of the Secretary of the nterior: Provided, That not more than one hundred and sixty-seven emu. _ dollars shall be expended for the annual support and education of any ,,1;,}Q_°f ’°'°"‘°“ one pupil in any school herein specifically provided for, except when, by reason of epidemic, accident, or other sufficient cause, the attendance is so reduced or cost of maintenance so high that a la r expenditure is absolutely necessary for the emcient operation gethe school affected, when the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, with the approval of the Secretary of the Interior, may allow a larger per capita expenditure, such expenditure to continue only so long as the said necessity , ‘ therefor shall exist: .Pr0videdfurt}zer, That the total amount appro- mm msc1mi . priated for the support of such school shall not be exceeded: Itwmded _f$n·the1·, That the number of pupils in any school entitled to the per €I:%f"$1l*;*H;'::_L Mg! capita allowance hereby provided for shall be determined by taking p P ' the average enrollment for the entire fiscal year and not any fractiona art thereof. p Sec. 2. That no purchase of supplies for which appropriations are m{‘j,',‘j‘(;$f,°,{’,§§°P"” herein made, exceeding in the aggregate five hundred dollars in value at any one time, shall be made without tirst giving at least three weeks? public notice by advertisement, except in case of exigency, when,-in ¤·1=¤¤¤¤¤¤¤- the discretion of the Secretary of the lnterior, who shall make official record of the facts constituting the exigency, and shall report the same to Congress at its next session, he may direct that pure ases may be made in open market in amount not exceeding three thousand do lars at any one purchase: Prm·£ded, That supplies may be purchased, con- nowm. tracts let, and labor employed for the construction of artesian wells, ""‘““°“· ditches, and other works for irrigation, in the discretion of the Secretary of the Interior, without advertisin as hereinbefore provided: Pro- ·»·»'zZe¢/ further, That as far as practicablge Indian labor shall be employed mf;Q§Q‘f$ ln °P°¤ and purchase in the open market made from Indians. under the direction of the Secretary of the Interior. _ S1-;<v. That the Secretary of the Interior, under the direction of ,,,,{,§§,§Qc§“'§Q‘,}“c,Q‘;{ the President, may use any surplus that may remain in any of the said ¤i¤¤- appropriations herein mac e for the purchase of subsistence for the several Indian tribes. to an amount not exceeding twenty-five thousand dollars in the aggre ate, to su ply any subsistence deficiency that may occur: 1’ma·éJ¢»d., 'Ighat any diversions which shall be made under Igggmidivemcus authority of this section shall be reported in detail. and the reason `