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FIFTY-EIGHTH CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 1481. 1905. 1101 sixty dollars; one mail messengsr, four hundred and twenty dollars; one foreman, one thousand one undred dollars; in all, three thousand six hundred and eighty dollars; ` Naval station, Hawaii: One writer, at one thousand and seventeen H’"'““· dollars and twenty-five cents per annum; one messenger, at two dollars per diem, including Sundays; in all, one thousand seven hundred and and forty-seven do lars and twenty-five cents; · Naval station, Cavite, Philippine Islands: One clerk, one thousand °“"i°°·P·I· two hundred dollars; one time clerk, four hundred and eighty dollars; one writer, three hundred and sixty dollars; one messenger, two hundred and forty dollars; one messenger, one hundred and eighty dollars; one clerk, commandanfs office, seven hundred and twenty dollars; one messenger, commandanfs office, one hundred and eighty dollars; in all, three thousand three hundred and sixty dollars. Naval station, Guam: One clerk, one thousand six hundred dollars; °“““· one foreman machinist, one thousand six hundred dollars: one mes- _ ` senger and janitor, six hundred dollars; in all, three thousand eight hundred dollars; In all, civil establishment, Bureau of Yards and Docks, one hundred and forty-three thousand four hundred and forty-three dollars and ninety-two cents, and no other fund appropriated by this Act shall be used in payment for such service. rnnmo wonxs, BUREAU or YARDS AND DOCKS. Dgisiggifuldiiriisiasme NAVY-YARD, Ponrsmovrn, Naw rlAm.>su1nn:_RaiIroad and rolling P°"’“"°““’·“·H· stock, additions, five thousand dollars; sewer systems, extension, five thousand dollars; underground conduit system, to continue, ten thousand dollars; quay walls, to extend, seventy thousand dollars; grading, to continue, thirt thousand dollars; piers and slips, to extend, twenty- five thousand dollars fittings for dry dock numbered two, thirty-tive thousand dollars; sidewalks and streets, five thousand dollars; boiler sho for steam engineering, to cost completed not to exceed one hundred and forty thousand dollars. seventy-tive thousand dollars; toward pattern shop for steam engineering, thirty-nine thousand four hundred dollars: rebuilding and extending coaling plant, thirty thousand dol- _ lars; telephone system, extension. one thousand dollars; naval prison, “"‘l"“‘°“•°“’· administration buildin (to cost one hundred and thirty thousand dollars), seventy thousand dollars; in all, four hundred thousand four hundred dollars. NAVY—YAR1), Bosvrox, l\lASSACHl’SE'l'I‘SI Sewer system. extensions, B°'°°"‘ Mm fifteen thousand dollars; paving. to continue, twenty-five thousand dollars; railroad system, extensions, twelve thousand, five hundred dollars: water system, extensions, five thousand two hundred and thirty dollars: track for traveling crane, extension. thirty-four thousand three hundred and ten dollars; tire-protection system. to extend, eight thousand five hundred dollars; foundations for steam enginee1·— ing tools, four thousand two hundred and sixty dollars; approach to dry dock numbered one, forty-three thousand one hundred dollars; oil storehouse, fifteen thousand dollars; in all. navy-yard. Boston. one hundred and sixty-two thousand nine hundred dollars. _ _ NAVY—YARD, Xmv Yonx, Nmv Yonx: Paving and grading. to con- I`"` ‘°'k‘N Y tinue, ten thousand dollars; railroad system, extensions, eight thousand dollars; electric plant, extensions. ten thousand dollars; railroad equipment, additional, five thousand dollars; underground conduits, extensions, ten thousand dollars: sewers and drains, additional, five thousand dollars: latrines, additional, four thousand dollars; telephone system, extension, two thousand dollars; male house and scales, six thousand dollars: auxiliary hoist for one-hundred—ton crane, twenty thousand dollars; bridge between buildings six and one hundred and lifteen,