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F IFTY-EIGHTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 160. 190—l. 31 OtIice,” for the fiscal year nineteen hundred and three, four thousand one hundred and sixteen dollars and thirty-three cents. GENERAL LAND OFFICE. G€D€TB,II4BH(}OHlC€. For the following additional force for the balance of the fiscal year .,§°mm°°°1 °mp1°y` nineteen hundred and four, namely: For two examiners of mineral claims and contests, at the rate of two thousand dollars per annum each; five clerks of class two and five clerks of class one; in all, seven thousand and fifty-two dollars and nineteen cents, or so much thereof as may be necessary. oxmzrox. nmnnrne nm Gnomms. an§,¤g¤rg;uds§¤i1¤i¤z For continuin the work of the improvement of the Capitol grounds g,{,‘,'j,§’,§‘j'§,'j,‘f*”‘ °f and for care of {die rounds, on account of fiscal year nineteen hun- ' dred and three, five hundred and sixty dollars. _ · For repairs and improvements to steam fire engine house, and Senate hF~¤r¤i¤·¤ #5 enema and House stables, and for repairs to and ving of iloors and court- 0m' yards of same, seven hundred and fifty dolliiis. Toward the construction of .the iireproof building for committee ,,,§gg“°°‘I*°P’°°°”°‘ rooms and_offices for the House of Representatives, provided for in Newvmce buildin:. the sundry civil Act approved March third, nineteen hundred and V°l· 32- P· lmthree, including not exceeding five hundred dollars for the purchase of necessary technical and other books, Eve hundred and seventy thousand dollars, to continue available until expended. To pay amounts found due by the accounting officers of the Treasury on account of the appropriation for "Carpenter and tool shops, Capitol," for the fiscal ymr nineteen hundred and three, fifty-five cents. oovnxnumrr HOSPITAL ron nm manu:. P,§,*{‘;f,;°g{l*§;*,}e_ Bw For hospital extension, namely: For employment of a superintendent ,,,,€,'§,*’§‘u'$'{,f’,§{°°“‘ °’ of construction at a rate of compensation of two thousand five hundred H°¤Pi°¤l <¤¤¤¤¤i<>¤· dollars per annum, two thousand five hundred dollars, or so much thereof as may be necessary. For a locomotive, seven thousand nine hundred and sixty dollars. For rubber treads for iron stairs, two thousand four hundred and lift * dollars. 'llo complete power and heating plant, one thousand dollars. For the purpose of installing hot-water heaters in the new buildings, three thousand dollars. _ o provide dumb·waiters and elevators in Toner kitchen, one thousand dollars. To provide electrical fixtures for the administration building, three thousand five hundred dollars. For painting new buildings, fifteen thousand dollars. For flooring for attics, two thousand four hundred dollars. For trenching and laying drainage, sewer, and water pipes to extension, four thousand five hundre dollars. For furnishing and fixing in (place fire escapes, and iireprooiing Fire pmeecmm. such of the old buildings at the overnment Hospital for the Insane as required for the dprotection of the lives of the inmates thereof, thirty-three thousan six hundred dollars. _ _ Commun Insrrrcuox ron rum Dmr Ann Duma: For the support of ¤§§’I‘*}’§l’“D,§;““’,$ the Institution, including salaries and incidental expenses, for books and Dggéuwq illustrative ap ratus, and for general repairs and improvements, one " thousand five hiindred dollars. _ H_ _ Hownnn UNIVERSITY: For urgent repairs and lmprovements to pro- M°§il{’g§u{€°”"Y vide suitable protection against disaster by tire to_the buildings of the University, as recommended by the inspector of buildings for the District of Columbia, two thousan dollars.