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FIFTY-EIGHTH CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 1483. 1905. 1211 For support of inmates, including groceries, flour, feed, meats, dry supplies. goods, leather, shoes, gas, fuel, hardware, furniture, tableware, farm implements, seeds, harness and repairs to same, fertilizers, books, stationery, plumbing, painting, glazing, medicines and medical attendance, stock, fencing, repairs to buildings, and other necessary items, including compensation, not exceeding nine hundred dollars, for additional labor or services, and for transportation and other necessary expenses incident to securing suitable homes for discharged boys, not exceeding five hundred dollars, twelve thousand dollars; For repairs, one thousand dollars; in all, twenty-nine thousand five Repuim. hundred and fifty-two dollars. Hereafter the net proceeds of the farm and shops shall be covered P’°°°°‘*¤¤ff¤*’m· into the Treasury to the credit of the United States. · 4 DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE. m£j1P;;¤me¤¤¤fAKfi· For continuation of construction of building for the Department of Buiidius. Agriculture under the present limit, seven hundred thousand dollars. DEPARTMENT OF STATE. Depurtmennoisme. BOUNDARY LINE, ALASKA AND CANADA: To enable the Secretary of B<>¤¤d¤ry, A1¤¤k¤· State to mark the boundary, and make the surveys incidental thereto, mm 0mm"' between the Territory of Alaska and the Dominion of Canada in con- · formity with the award of the Alaskan Boundary Tribunal and exist- V<>l·32.1>-1961· ing treaties, sixty-five thousand dollars, togpther with the unexpended 4**- P- 15- ba ance of the previousfappropriation for t is object. BOUNDARY LINE, UNITED STATES AND CANADA: For the more effect- m1g<;;,¢{¤r{{ wcgtmgf ive demarcation and mappi of the boundary line between the United Y °°° ' States and the Dominion o%anada along the forty-ninth parallel west of the summit of the Rocky Mountains, as established b the Commis- V°l· °· P- 869 sion of eighteen hundred and fifty-six to eighteen hundred and sixty- nine, under treaty of eighteen hundred and forty-six, to be expended under the direction of tge Secretary of State, to be immediately available and continue available until expended, fifty thousand dollars, or so much thereof as may be necessar r. · LEGATION BUILDING, PEKING: E or completion of United States {gké?. Cgirpdings le ation buildings in Peking, China, ten thousand dollars. g °° “ ' 1`or furnishin complete the legation buildings in Peking, China, twenty thousand, dollars. UNDER LEGISLATIVE. L°¤*“**°**‘°· STATEMENT or APPROPRIATIONS; For pre aration, under the direc- pr§g@{§g;¤¤*¤*%PP’* tion of the Committees on Appropriations oi) the Senate and House of ' Representatives, of the statements showing appropriations made, new offices created, offices the salaries of which have been omitted, increased. or reduced, indetinite appropriations, and contracts authorized, together with a chronolo ical history of the regular a propriation bills passed during the thin? session of the Fifty-eighth Congress, as reguired by the Act approved October nineteenth, eighteen hundred an eighty- eight, two thousand dollars, to be paid to the persons designated by the chairmen of said committees to do said work. l ca C I “H u To v \Villiau1 M. Mallo * for services in com i in om i ation 'i mm M· M¤ °Y- of Trgdies in Force. Ninetedn hundred and fouigguncir resold-lion of P“mmt°' the Senate of February eleventh, nineteen hundred and four, one thousand dollars. • To pay George M. Buck for services and expenses in preparing the geo:-g<· M. suck. third edition of Senate Election Cases, under resolution of the Senate ”m°"‘ ‘°‘