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1244 F IFT Y-EIGHTH CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 1484. 1905. house inspectors and the light-house engineers, and atlight-house depots, thirteen thousand dollars. Census Omce. Cmzsus Ormcu: For additional amount required to enable the

’ Director of the Census to comply with that provision of joint resolution of Congress, approved February ninth, nineteen hundred and live,

directing that the irector of the Census shall make semimonthly publication of the amount of cotton ginned in lieu of the monthly reports which he now makes, to continue available during the fiscal year nineteen hundred and six, one hundred and twenty-five thousand dollars. 1I}:¤¤::t¤£>r¤=~ To pay Herman Morris for services as supervisor of the census for ym ·the third supervisor’s district of Kentucky from July twenty-fifth, eighteen hundred and ninety-nine, until January eighth, nineteen hun- . _ dred., four hundred dollars. ` Sui;;? ¤¤¤ Gwdwc Coxsr AND Gnonmio Suuvnr: For repairs to the Coast Survey repairs. __ steamer Patterson during the month of April, nineteen hundred and S,,§Y??""°' P'"°°" four, made necessary by the cracking and collapse of her main furnaces at 808, repairs to the main boilers and boat five thousand __ five hundred and three dollars. I m?.;,??-'“ °' P“°" That the unexpended balance of the appropriatiou.@ new steamer V0, 32 P Im and outfit for Coast and Geodetic Survey authorized.-an the sundry ` ’‘civil Act approved March third, nineteen hundred and three, be, and ` is hereby, made available for the deficiency caused b the repairs to the Coast and Geodctic Survey steamer Pathfinder diuring the fiscal _ ‘ year nineteen hundred and five. §{,?,‘}f,fl‘e}*,'f°d*“*· For pointing, painting, and calcimining six rooms and hallway, repairs to roof of carpenter shop, repairs to roof, valleys, and gutters of portion of building occupied by engraving division, Richards Bui din , and necessary lazing, together with repairs to six rooms · _ _ and hallgway, Butler Building, five hundred dollars. YE-l;l‘¥;.lilf,‘}}d· M" EXPENSES or nncumrrne IMMIGRATIONI For additional dredging D*°dK*¤¤· in and about Ellis Island, New York Harbor, payable from the permanent appropriation for expenses of regulating immigration, ten thousand dollars. . f},§’§§,§§{1§;_ For ayment to Mrs. Nora Kelly, contract caterer at the Boston, Massachusetts, immigration station, cost of maintenance of the alien, Franciska Romanska, during detention as a witness in behalf of the United States in a suit at law under the immigration laws. from `August seventeenth to September twenty-sixth, nineteen hundred and four, inclusive, to be paid from the permanent appropriation for ex enses of regulating immigration, sixteen dollars an forty cents. €£'{Kl§§,§`g,,_ 9"r·m,·z'¢lcd, That the necessary expenses incident to the detention of aliens ordered deported, whose attendance as witnesses is required in behalf of the United Statesdig prosecutions arising under the immi- 1 . gration laws, may be pai rom the permanent a propriatiou for giiiiiiiiiiiileudhign. “Expenses of regulating immigration? And p1·0v£¢/Ed _;"eu·fher. That °'·32**’·’°"· nothing contained in the sundry civil appro riation Act, approved March third, nineteen hundred and three, making appro riation for the establishment of an immigration station at Honolulu, Igawaii, shall be construed to prevent-pa ment of the cost of the furniture and equipments required for said! station from the permanent appropria- _ tion for "Expenses of regulating immigration} g:lT,l'.‘§,°;l§,}‘,,;‘f,Y}°° The Secretary of the Department of Commerce and Labor is hereby "*>"°°¤* *°· authorized to pay, out of the existing appropriation for the enforce- · · ment of the Chineseexclusion laws, to the Canadian Pacific Railway Company the sum of sixteen thousand six hundred and ninety-eight dollars and thirty cents, for reimbursement of cost of maintenance of alleged native-born Chinese in the years nineteen hundred and three and nineteen hundred and four for the period during which, by order of the courts under habeas corpus proceedings, said Chinese were