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Class V, $2,000 a year.

At two thousand dollars per annum.
Acapulco, Mexico.
Algiers, Africa.
Amherstburg, Canada.
Bamberg, Germany.
Barranquilla, Colombia.
Beirut, Syria.
Belize, Honduras.
Berne, Switzerland.
Breslau, Germany.
Brunswick, German.
Budapest, Austria-Hungary.
Calais, France.
Cardiff, Wales.
Chatham, Ontario.
Chihuahua, Mexico.
Collingwood, Canada.
Copenhagen, Denmark.
Cork, Ireland.
Crefeld, Germany.
Curacao, West Indies.
Dublin, Ireland.
Dunfermline Scotland.
Dusseldorf, Germany.
Erzerum, Turkey.Post, p.394.
Freiburg Germany.
Geneva Switzerland.
Genoa, Italy.
Ghent, Belgium.
Glauchau, Germany.
Hamilton, Bermuda.
Hamilton, Ontario.
Hanover, Germany.
Hull, England.
Kehl, Germany.
La Guavra, Venezuela.
Leeds, England.
Leghorn, Italy.
Leipsic, Germany.
Liege, Belgium.
London, Ontario.
Lucerne, Switzerland.
Magdeburg, Germany.
Malta, Great Britain.
Managua, Nicaragua.
Mannheim, Germany.
Martinique, West Indies.
Mazatlan, Mexico.
Milan, Italy.
Moscow, Russia.
Naples, Italy.
Nassau, New Providence.
Newcastle-on-Tyne, England.
Nuevo Laredo, Mexico.
Palermo, Italy.
Port Louis, Mauritius.
Port Stanley, Falkland Islands.