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Payment to consular officers not citzens. The salary of a consular officer not a citizen of the United States shall be paid out of the amount specifically appropriated for salary at the consular office to which the alien officer is attached or appointed.

Clerks at consulates.

For allowance for clerk hire at consulates as follows:
London, three thousand dollars;
Paris, two thousand six hundred dollars;
Hongkong, two thousand two hundred dollars;
Mexico (city), two thousand one hundred dollars;
Liverpool and Habana, at two thousand dollars each, four thousand dollars;
Bradford and Manchester, at one thousand eight hundred dollars each, three thousand six hundred dollars;
Southampton, one thousand seven hundred and fifty dollars;
Rio de Janeiro and Shanghai, at one thousand six hundred dollars each, three thousand two hundred dollars;
Antwerp and Hamburg, at one thousand five hundred dollars each, three thousand dollars;
Monterey, one thousand four hundred dollars;
Barmen, Berlin, Bordeaux, Bremen, Brussels, Canton, Chemnitz, Crefeld, Frankfort, Havre, Kobe, Lyons, Marseilles, Montreal, Ottawa, Rotterdam, Vienna, and Yokohama, at one thousand two hundred dollars each, twenty-one. thousand six hundred dollars;
Belfast, Calcutta, Coburg, Glasgow, Nuremburg, Saint Gall, Sheffield, and Sydney (New South Wales), at one thousand dollars each, eight thousand dollars;
Birmingham, nine hundred and sixty dollars;
Beirut, Buenos Ayres, Cape Town, Colon, Dawson City, Dresden, Dundee, Guayaquil, Kingston (Jamaica), Leipsic, Maracaibo, Melbourne, Messing, Naples, Palermo, Panama, Port au Prince, Singapore, Smyrna, Tangier, Toronto, Tunstall, Vancouver, Vera Cruz, and Victoria, at eight hundred dollars each, twenty thousand dollars;
Edinburgh, seven hundred and sixty dollars;
Stockholm, seven hundred and fifty dollars;
Prague, seven hundred and twenty dollars;
Aix la Chapelle, Ciudad Jaurez, Ciudad Porfirio Diaz, Halifax, and Lucerne, at six hundred and forty dollars each, three thousand two hundred dollars;
Bahia, Cairo, Cologne, Constantinople, Huddersfield, Mainz, Munich, Newcastle-on-Tyne, Nottingham, Odessa, Para, Pernambuco, Solingen, Tampico, and Zurich, at six hundred dollars each, nine thousand dollars;
Cienfuegos, Kehl, and Santiago de Cuba, at five hundred dollars each, fifteen hundred dollars;
Berne, Demerara, Florence, Genoa, Malaga, Mannheim, and Stuttgart, at four hundred and eighty dollars each, three thousand three hundred and sixty dollars;
Total, clerk hire, ninety-six thousand seven hundred dollars.
Consulates not specified.Allowance for clerks at consulates, to be expended under the direction of the Secretary of State at consulates not herein provided for in respect to clerk hire, no greater portion of this sum than five hundred dollars to be allowed to any one consulate in any one fiscal year, forty thousand dollars: Proviso.
Provided, That the total sum expended in one year shall not exceed the amount appropriated.