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1].6 FIFTY-EIGHTH CONGRESS. Sess. Il. Ch. 716. 1904. furniture and repairs to same; carpets, matting, oilcloth, file cases, towels ice, brooms, soap, Sponges, uel, gas, and heating apparatus for and repairs to the buildings (outside 0 the State, War, and Navy Department building) occupjed by the Adjutant—General’s Oiiioe the Surgeon—General’s Office, cord and Pension Office, Paymaster—General S and Ordnance offices, Signal Oilioe and building for signal stores and supplies, the depot uartermaster’s office, and the other offices of the War De artment and its bureaus located in the Lemon Building; expenses of Ilnorses and wagons to be used only for official purposes; freight and express charges, temporary labor not to exceed one thouganfl dollars, and other absolutely necessary expenses, fifty thousand o ars. . B*¤°*°¤°¤’Y· For stationery for the War Department and its bureaus and offices, twenty-five thousand dollars. ' F·°¤*· For rent of buildings for use of the War Department, as follows: For medical dispensary, Surgeou—General’s Oihce, one thousand dollars; for Ordinance and Sym) ounces, two thousand five hundred dollars;.for wot quartermaste s oihee, two thousand five hundred dollars; for arDepartment, seven thoumnd two hundred dollars; for Record and Pension Office, two thousand three hundred dollars; and for Bureau of Insular Afairs, three thousand three hundred dollars; in all, eighteen thousand eight hundred dollars. _ P¤¤¢¤z¤¤¤¤u¤¤· For postage stamps for the War Department and its bureaus, as reguired un er the Postal Union, to plrepay dpostage on matters ad ressed to Postal Union countries, five undre dollars. ‘ " mmgbmimand PUBLIC BUILDINGS AND GROUNDS. dgierks ¤¤<>¤=·•=~¤»=—r¤. Orriciz or PUBLIC BUILDINGS AND eaoUNDS: For one assistant ` engineer, one thousand eight hundred dollars; one clerk of class four, one clerk of class three, one messenger; landscape gardener, two thousand dollars; surveyor and draftsman, one thousand Eve hundred dollars; in all, nine thousand five hundred and forty dollars. ovemm, em. For overseers, draftsmen, copyists, foremen, gardeners, mechanics, ‘ gndhlaborers employed in the public grounds, thirty-five thousand o rs. wmnmen. For one sergeant of park watchmen, nine hundred and fifty dollars. For day watchmen as follows: One in Franklin Park; one in Lafayette Park; two in Smithsonian Grounds; one in Judiciary Park; one in Lincoln Park and adjacent reservations; one at Iowa Circle; one at Thomas Circle and neighboring reservations; one at Washington Circle and neighboring reservations; one at Dupont Circle and nei hboring reservations; one at McPherson and Farragut rks; one at Stanton Park and neighboring reservations; two at glory and Seaton parks; one at Mount Vernon Park and adjacent reservations; one for the greenhouses and nurser ; two at grounds south of Executive Mansion; one at Garfield Bark; one at Monument Park; one at Monument Park Annex (Potomac Park); twenty-one in all, at seven hundred and twenty dollars each, fifteen thousand one hundred and twent dollars. For night watchmen as follows: Two in Smithsonian Grounds; one in Judiciary Park; two in Henry and Seaton parks; one in grounds south of Executive Mansion; one in Monument Park; one at Monument Park Annex (Potomac Park); two in Garfield Park; ten in all, gt Seven hundred and twenty dollars each, seven thousand two hundred o ars. wsmieiavs. For watchman for the care of the monument and dock at Wakefield, Virginia, the birthplace of Washington, three hundred dollars. ¤¤¤¤¤s¢¤¢¤¤i>e¤¤¤¤- For contingent and incidental expenses, including purchase of rofessional and scientiiic books and periodicals, books of reference. blimk books, photographs. and maps. seven hundred dollars.