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126 _ FIFTY-EIGHTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 716. 1904. dollars; chief clerk, two thousand two hundred and fifty dollars; assistant chief clerk, two thousand dollars; medical referee, three thousand dollars; assistant medical referee, two thousand two hundred and fifty dollars; two qualified surgeons, who shall be experts in their profession, at two thousand dollars each; thirty-eight medical examiners, who shall be sur cons of education, skill, and experience in their profession, at one diousand eight hundred dollars each; ten chiefs of division at two thousand dollars each; law clerk, two thousand two hundred, and fifty dollars; chief of board of review, two thousand two hundred and fifty dollars; fifty-seven principal examiners, at two thousand dollars each; twenty assistant chiefs of division, at one thousand eight hundred dollars each; three stenographers, at one thousand six hundred dollars each; seventy clerks of class four; eighty-five clerks of class three; three hundred and twenty-nine clerks of class twothree hundred and ninety-nine clerks of class one; two hundred and "twenty-five clerks, at one thousand dollars each; one hundred and forty-five copyists; superintendent of building one thousand four hundmd dollars; two engineers, at one thousau two hundred dollars each; three firemen; thirty-three messengers; twelve assistant mes-‘ sengers; twenty messenger boys, at four hundred dollars each; forty- five laborers; ten female lablpgsgp, at fplur hugdred dolglars each ;dfif1t:en_ charwomeu· one 'nter, s i in 's tra e, nine un o rs; one cabinetmakerglzilled in his trade, nine hundred dollars; captain of the watch, eight hundred and fort? dollars; three sergeanis 0 the watch, at seven hundred and fifty do lars-each; twenty watchmen; in all, one Qnillion nine hundred and thirty-seven thousand two hundred and ten ollars. Per diem, ew-. in- For per diem, when absent from home and traveling on duty outside v°°ug°¤°m` the District of Columbia, for special examiners, or other persons ‘ employed in the Bureau of Pensions, detailed for the purpose of making special investigations pertaining to said Bureau, in lieu or expenses for subsistence, not exceeding three dollars per day, and for actual and necessary expenses for transportation and assistance, and . any other neeessa ex uses, including telegrams, four hundred mjqud I t thousand dollars: , That two special examiners or clerks rpecuh summa. detailed and acting as chief and assistant chief of the division of special examiners may be allowed, from this appropriation, in addition to their salaries and in lieu of per diem and a l expenses for subsistence, a sum sufficient to make their annual compensation two thousand dollars and one thousand eight hundred dollars, respectively, and whenever it may be necessary for either of them to travel on official business outside the District of Columbia by special direction of the Commissioner, he shall receive the same allowance in lieu of subsistence and for transportation as is herein dprovided for splecial examiners and detailed clerks engaged in fiel service; and the Secretary of the Interior ghzll so apportion the sum herein appropriated as to prevent a . e ciency erein. e Ad*!**;*;_•* Wm For an additional force of one hundred and fifty special examiners for one year, at a salary of one thousand three hundred dollars each, one hundred and ninety-five thousand dollars, and no person so appointed shall be employed in the State from which he is appointed; an any of those now employed in the Pension Ofhce or as special examiners may be reappointed if they be found to be qualified. P°*°¤*°¤°°· PATENT Orrios: For the Commissioner of Patents, five thousand dollars; Assistant Commissioner, who shall perform such duties pertaining to_the office of Commissioner as mapbe assigned to him bg the Commissioner, three thousand dollars; c 1ef clerk, two thousan five huigdreld dollars; two law tplefrks, tt twohthousanp five hungred dollars eac ;t ree examinersinc ie ,att reethousand ollarseac ;examiner of interferences, two thousand five hundred dollars; thirty-nine princi-