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250 FIFTY-EIGHTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Cns. 1421-1423. 1904. M°”h“"“"““°°· Sec. 3. That the marshal for the western district of Virginia shall discharge all the duties of marshal in connection with the business of said courts at Bigstone Gap. Approved, April 22, 1904. " AIpri1D, 1904. CHAP. 1422.-TAn Act To amend chapter seven hundred and forty-nine, second [ ·R· 121*1] semion F ift -seventh Congress, approved February twenty-third, nineteen hundred [rubric, 1%.145,] and being "An Act to establish United States courts at Wilkesboro, North aro H13.,, Be it enacted by the Senate and House oflfepresentattves of the United ggljfgsgffgfygf; States of America in Congress assembled, That chapter seven hundred western distrigyé 658 and forty-nine, second session of the F1fty-seventh Congyess, being p,5j0%‘E§Ys‘j ’ ‘fAn Act to establish United States courts at Wilkesboro, orth Carob0'fg"”’ °" W'“‘°°‘ l1na," aplproved February twentythird, nineteen hundred and three \;<£.eds2, p. 852. be, and t_e same is hereby,amen ed by striking out the words " second ‘"’ ‘ Monday in July and November,” IH lines five and six of the firstsection _ of said Act, and inserting in lieu thereof the words " fourth Monday in May and November.? · ` 9*;*}- 3, P an Sec. 2. That said Act be further amended by striking out section amended.two thereof and inserting in lieu thereof the following: 3 uféfébzw-m·P· 10*% "Sec. 2. That in addition to the clerks provided for the western ' district of North Carolina, in section six hundred and twenty-one of the Revised Statutes of the United States the circuit and district igdges shall aippoint a clerk, who shall reside and have his office at ilkesboro, orth Carolina, and who shall be the clerk of both the circuit and district courts of the United States at that lace." P Approved, April 22, 1904. A '“22·190‘*- CHAP. 1423.——AnA tT 'd f t fd t f h

 Org.-ad,. dm. censtmctfen 3r‘€¥.‘3hSr0‘If§€;’L{’3?.? r2m?é’£”Zi°5§{?.£1?§?a`T“ ° ° ”"‘g“

Pu c, 'o. . _ _Be it enacted by the Senate and House ojdfepresentatives of the United ,,,,?‘""°' "I (°l‘""` States of America tn, Congress assembled, That damages to adjacent ,¤§,j¤é;§g§jg,\ggg;*{{ property resulting) from changes in the grade of streets, avenues, or beborne by ngsn-ic:. alleys authorized y the Act of Congress approved February twenty- "L ”" l' 91* eighth. nineteen hundred and three, relating to the construction of a _ union railroad station in the District of Columbia, shall be borne by s,,;¥f¥*'**"*‘l *°"""“*“‘ the District of Columbia: and said damages shall be appraised by a commission. composed of three capable and disintereste persons, to be appointed by the suplreme court of the District of Columbia, holding a district court of the United States for said District, upon application, in writing, by the Commissioners of the District of Columbia; and it shall be the duty of said Commissioners to make such application within sixty days after the completion of the grading of any such _ _ street avenue, or alley.` ,,§Q,"""’ °‘ °°”‘““* Sno? 2. That the members of such commission shall be sworn by the court for the faithful and impartial performance of their duties, whereupon they shall meet and view the property affected by such change of grade and hear testimony in the matter of said damages after giving thirty days` public notice by advertisement in three daily newspapers published in the city of Washington, District of Columbia, of the time _ _ i and place of meeting for said purpose. ` P““‘“’“" °“’“°"· Sec. 3. That the owner of any real property, damaged by the said change of grade, shall have the right within sixty days after the date fixed for the meeting ot said commission to iile a petition with said