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276 FIFTY-EIGHTH ooxeanss. sm. 11. ous. 1-185, 1486. 1904. the Philippines shall be deposited in the Treasury of the United States and remain available during the fiscal year nineteen hundred and five for the procurement of like military stores to replace those so -transferred. mQ,{’,*,';§_,’;;;**°“ °‘ Hereafter all employees of the Ordnance Department whose rate of 'com nsation is annual shall be paid monthly at the rate of one—twelfth of tllfannual rate, and of such monthly rate and of all other monthly rates of compensation one-thirtieth shall be the daily rate for computation of pay for fractional parts of a month; and for the purposes of this provision each and every month shall be held to consist of thirty days, whether the actual number of days be greater or less. m§*,gg§;f,€§;°;";,,;’,§j’é Hereafter all moneys arising from disposition authorized by law and w replace stores. regulation of serviceable ordnance and ordnance stores shall constitute one fund on the books of the Treasury Department, which shall be available to replace ordnance and ordnance stores throughout the fiscal year in which the disposition was effected and throu hout the follow- ““‘°“ “"*°'*¥°°"~ ing year. The Secretary of War is hereby authorized to sell to Ameri- ‘ can designers such serviceable ordnance and ordnance stores as may be necessary in the develo ment of designs which may be used in the fQ'0;’,'§°,_,;m military service: That such ordnance and ordnance stores can be spared for the purpose, and funds arising from such sales shall _ be available to replace like ordnance and ordnance stores. ,§§§Q,$$§“‘ gojggff The Secretary of War is authorized, if in his judgment the conclumentf 1;:3 launches sion be an equitable one, to declare the existing open accounts between mm °the civil government of the Philip ine Islands and the Government of the United States to be settled and) satisfied and to direct the transfer of the title of the following launches: The Lexington, Leader, Frankfort, San Antonio, Guy Howard, Ogden, Sultana, Troy, Philadelphia. Johnny, Q. M. D., Julia Suerte, and Pittsburg to the Philippine _ government, and to direct that the same be dropped from the returns ‘”""“g°‘°°°°“““‘· of the Quartermastefs Department. The order of the Secretary of War in this behalf, with respect to the accounts of the Ordnance, the Subsistence, the Quartermaster’s, and the Signal Corps shall be taken as a balancing and final adjustment and settlement of such accounts. ggdvgtcg ¤> be ge- Nothing in this Act shall be so construed as to deprive any officer ge-. u' of his commission orto increase the total number of officers of the Army, except as herein specially provided, and all laws or parts of laws inconsistent with the provisions of this Act are hereby repealed. Approved, April 23, 190-l. April 23, 1901. CHAP. 1488.-—An Act Making appropriations for the Department of Agriculture UL R· 1***%-l for the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, nineteen hundred and five. l’ul»liL·. X<».150. [ 1 Be I thenacted by the Senate and House QfRqm·smz{ut4`ws of thv (BM/er! ,nm(-r11u1m1_i»spim- Stairs of rlznwfca in. Gill]/I‘L9·¥·* a~·wnNer], That the following sums be, """" "l"""“"*‘"""" and they are hereby, appropriated, out of any money in the Treasury of the United States not otherwise appropriated, in full compensatioii for the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, nineteen hundred and tive. for the purposes and objects hereinafter expressed, namely: DEPARTMENT OF AGRlCl`LT[`RE. Agidmiii e122E2t3d.' Orrion or rm: Sncannnr: For compensation of Secretary of Avriculture. eight thousand dollars; Assistant Secretary of Agricultdre. four thousand five hundred dollars; chief clerk, who shall be superintendent of the Department buildings, two thousand iiye hundred dollars · one law clerk. two thousand five hundred dollars: private secretary td the Secretary of Agriculture, two thousand five hundred dollars: `ste-