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390 Firrr -E1Gr1¢ru coivcess. sm. II. os. 1628. 1904. an accounting in like manner as for the appropriation disbursed for of troo s. Pahor geneigal incidental expenses of the service, three hundred dollars. W¤wr¤¤r>¤¤¤¤¤¢- - WATER DEPARTMENT P¤Y¤b1¤¤¤¤¤ W¤¤=¤‘ The following sums are hereby a propriated to carry on the operammm°°' tions of the water department, to be paid wholly from its revenues, namel : ,,§§§$'{§,,§,'§,'? m` F oryrevenue and inspection branch: For water registrar, who shall also perform the duties of chief clerk, one thousand eight hundred dollars; clerk, one thousand five hundred dollars; clerk, one thousand four hundred dollars; two clerks, at one thousand dollars each; chief inspelcitort, ngng Bundredhand thirty-sixdolllarg; eggihtl inspectors, at nine un re dollars eac · messe r six un re dollars; D*-‘¤‘*'“’°“°¤ '°'*¤°h· For distribution branch: For sliiiieiinmndent, two thousand seven hundred and fifty dollars; draftsman, one thousand five hundred dollars; foreman, one thousand five hundred dollars; two- clerks, at one thousand dollars each; timekeeper, nine hundred dollars; assistant foreman, nine hundred dollars; tapper and machinist, nine hundred dollars; three steam engineers, at one thousand one hundred dollars each; cagker, sleveg hémdiéed and ltwenty dollars; in all, twenty-nine thousand nine un re an six dollars. °°¤**¤8°¤*¤P°¤¤¢¤~ For contingent expenses, including books, blanks, stationery, print- ' ing, purchase of technical reference books and periodicals not to exceed seventy-five dollars, urchase and care of horse, buggy, and harness for use of superintendent for urposes of inspection, and other necessary items and services, two thousand five hundred dollars. Fm': m- For fuel, repairs to boilers, machinery, and pumping stations, pipe distribution to high and low service, material for high and low service. including public hydrants and fire plugs, and labor in repairing, replacing, raising, and lowering mains, laying new mains and connections, and erecting and repairing fire plugs and purchase and maintenance of horses, wagons, carts, and harness necessary for the proper I exgcuticin of this wopk, one hundreg] thousand dtélgrs. _ ¤<>*‘¤*¤¤¤¤¤¤ me 0 or the ur e o ascertainin e amount o otomac water used nm by the Depgrtmehts and offices ofgthe United States Government in the District of Columbia, by meter or otherwise, three thousand dollars. !¤¤¤·=¢¤**¢¤¤Y·¤¤¤- For continuing the extension of and maintaining the high-service system of water istribntion, and for laying necessary trunk mains for low service, to include all necessary land, machinery, buildings, mains. and appurtenances, and labor, an the purchase and maintenance of horses, wagons, carts, and harness necessary for the proper execution . of this work, so much as ma(y be available in the water fund. during the Espa} yea; nine}t§}en hundred agddiye, after providingi for the . , ex n itures erein ore au orize , is ere 1 appropriate . rfilgm Phm°sLEn` Sho. 2. That the Commissioners of the Diiitrildt) of) Columbia are ,,,,“,§{§'{,',§,,§‘,;,,'§f’,}'_§{"’° hereby directed to report to Congress at its next session a plan for the rgnlgoval tag;.] suitalfleliplpce witléin the city of Washington of the remains ‘ o ierre aries n ant an erectin a ro r monument or ravestouebovegd them, or erecting inch morhungntldi stone where they are now uri , as may seem to them most desirable. mlaignir on ~qui¤i— Sec. 3. The Commissioners of the District of Columbia shall not ' make requisitions upon the appropriations from the Treasury of the United States for a arger amount during the fiscal year nineteen hundred and bye than they make on the appropriations arising from the revenues, includin drawback certificates, of said District, except as otherwise provided herein. Ttgyygca from the Sm;. 4. hat until and including June thirtieth. nineteen hundred ‘ and five. the Secretary of the Treasury is authorized and directed to