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434 FIFTY-EIGHTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 1759. 1904. the Postmaster-General may, in the disbursement of this appropriation, apply a part thereof to the purpose of leasing premises for the use of post-offices of the first, second, and third classes, at a reasonable annual rental, to be paid quarterly, for a term not exceeding ten years. New York Cin'- For lease of post-office at New York City, ninety thousand dollars: i'>$$$·;°..°if°m°°' Provided, That no rt of this appropriation shall be used for said Nf$,"“,9j,L°“(§e,§Q§} purpose unless the Fdstmaster-Genera shall lease for post-office pur- Railroad- poses for a period not exceeding twenty-five years, with the pl'1V1l8g6 or option on the part of the Government to re—lease for twenty-five years longer a building to be erected over the tracks of the New York Central Railroad, in the city of New York, State of New York, within the space bounded by Lexington avenue, Madison avenue, Forty-second street, and F orty-sixth street, at an annual rental not exceeding ninety thousand dollars. Pgwkxédtagg For the acquisition in fee by purchase from the Pennsylvania, New roadrlsy York and Long Island Railroad Company of a site for a post-office 1·¤<=¤¤<>¤- building in the city of New York,_ State of New York, of the lot of land bounded by Eighth avenue Thirty-first street, Thirty-third street, and a line drawn parallel with Eighth avenue, and distant four hundred and fifteen feet westwardly from the westerly house line thereof, the westerly thirty feet of said lot,. between Thirty-first and Thirty-third streets, to be used for aprivate street, or way, to be constructed by the Government for its purposes in connection with said post-office build- · ing; subject, however, to the rights of said railroad company, its successors and assigns, to be specifically defined in the contract of conveyance of said site, to retain, occupy, and use the subsurface of said lot for its railroad and station purposes, and to the necessary reservations for purposes of light and air, one million seven hundred thousand Nor chargeable w dollars, or so much thereof as may be necessary, to be paid out of any Wm "°"°°°° money in the Treasury not otherwise a propriated, and not from, no1· Jwzw. chargeable to, the revenues of the postall service: Provided, That such T""' °t°‘ a pro riation shall not become available until'the Postmaster-General _ hall lliave certified to the Secretary of the Treasury that the terms, conditions and limitations of such purchase and conveyance meet with · . his approval. Ml’°°““"°““· For necessary miscellaneous and incidental items directly connected with first and second class post-omces, including furniture, cleaning, and all other matters not specifically provided for in other a ropria— §x'°,fg,°,,,mm Wm__ tions, two hundred and fi ty thousand dollars: Provitled, Blphat the our wrmeu consent. Postmaster-General, in his discretion, under such regulations as he shall prescribe, authorize any of the postmasters of said offices to expend the funds e may allow them for such purposes without the _ _ written consent of the Postmaster-General. "‘"°"“*‘“g· °‘°· For advertising and purchase of newspapers containing official advertisements contracted for under this a propriation at tirst and second ‘ class post—oiHces, twenty-five thousand) dollars. ch<;:__g¢•>li¤¤ ¤¤¤· For rental or purchase of canceling machines, two hundred thou- ` sand dollars. m;m*;{:¤° *“P"*¤· For compensation to seven assistant superintendents, salary and ' allowance ivision, at the rate of two thousand dollars per annum, fourteen thousand dollars.

  • ’°’ ‘“*’¤*· °°°· For per diem allowance for seven assistant superintendents, salary

and al owance division, when actually traveling on business of the Post-Office Department at a rate to be iixed by the Postmaste r-General, not to exceed four dollars per day, and for other necessary official exppnses, ten thousand two hundred and twenty dollars. n scel 1 menus _ iscellaneous items in the office of the First Assistant Postmastermma. General, one thousand dollars: .Proz·ided. That a sum not exceeding °“*’ ""°°‘°’*“· three hundred dollars may be used for the purchase of citv directories and books of reference. `