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462 r1rrr-1c1onrr1 ooncincss. sms. 11. on. 1762. 1901L. R°¤*· For rent of worksho s and temporaig storage quarters for the National Museum, four tliousand five hun red an eighty dollars. P°°‘“€*’- For postage stiamps and foreign postal cards for the National Museum, five hundred do lars. . P,§,‘§"°““1Z°°‘°"°°‘ NATIONAL ZOOLOGICAL PARK: For continuing the construction of ` roads, walks, bridges, water supply, sewerage and drainage; and for grading, planting, and otherwise improving the grounds; erecting and repairing buildings and inclosures and providing seats in the park; care, subsistence, purchase, and transportation of animals; including salaries or compensation of all necessary emplovees, the purchase of necessary books and periodicals, the printing and publishing of operations, not exceeding one thousand five hundred copies,·and general _ incidental ex uses not otherwise provided for, ninety-five thousand m¤::{w{_*°m m¤°¤’*¤* dollars; onediiilf of which sum shall be paid from the revenues of the ` District of Columbia and the other ha from the Treasury of the V United States. mL¤;;¤ m·rmzs·rA·rn oommrncn comnssxon. §,•g{';j*~P_ sw For salaries of Commissioners, as provided by the "Act to regulate `eommerce,” thirty-seven thousand five hundred dollars; For salary of seereta , as provided by the "Act to regulate commeree," three thousanddve hundred dollars; §gf°2’f*°;§;m_ For all other necessary expenditures, to enable the Commission to `give effect to the provisions of the "Act to regulate commerce," and all Acts and amendments supplementary thereto, two hundred and forty-nine thousand dollars; of which sum not exceeding twent *-five thousand dollars may be expended in the employment of counseh and not exceeding one thousand Eve hundred dollars may be ex ended for the purchase of necessariy books, rtzports, and periodicals, and not exceeding one thousand ve hundre dollars may be expended for printing other than that done at the Government Printing Office. . _ In al , two hundred and ninety thousand dollars. mj}({”,;§;°e*}cP,§c§; '““‘ The uuexpended balance of the sum of ten thousand dollars appro- @309 renprm- priated for the fiscal year eighteen hundred and ninety-nine by the "l?§;_50,pp_m,1m_ “Aet concerning earners en ed in interstate commerce and their V°l· *2- P- “‘”· employees," approved June gig, eighteen hundred and ninet —eight, which was reappropriated by the Act of March third, nineteen liundred and three, is hereby reappropriated and made available for expenses Ehatdmadv be} gicurred under said Act during the fiscal year nineteen un re an ve. p,§;j;;¤>' *·‘*‘°¤` ¤P· To enable the Interstate Commerce Commission to keep informed Vol. p·53l. regarding compliance with the "Act to promote the safety of employees and travelers upon railroads," approved March secondeighteen undred and ninety-three, including the employment of inspectors to execute and enforce the requirements of the said Act, sixtv-five thousand dollars.· l m—¢··—m¤eo¤»=. mscm.i.ANnoUs osanors, TREASURY DEPARTMENT.

  • '*·¤·*‘* ·*“" "'mir- PAPER AND srAMPs: For paper for internal—revenue stamps, includingéreight, seventy thousand dollars.

ogiggjpmfiygggggg msnnnxr rox VIOLATIONS or 1xrsnxAL-Rnvnxun 1.Aws; For nm. detecting and bringing to trial and punishment persons guiltv of violating the internal-revenue laws or conniving at the same, indluding (payments for information and detection of such violations, one hun red thousand dollars; and the Commissioner of Internal Revenue shall make a detailed statement to Congress once in each vear as to how he has expended this sum. and also a detailed statement of all miscellaneous expenditures in the Bureau of Internal Revenue for