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820 FIFTY-EIGHTH CONGRESS. Sess. HI. CHS. 1294, 1295. 1905. M¤¤‘¤h}· 1905 CHAP. 1294.-An Act For the conveyance of public lands belonging to the is **821 Umm saws, in the sam of New York. [Public, No. 115.] ‘ _ _ Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Rqwesentatwes of the United ({',jl‘;El§gf,’;fj,}{: M States of America in Congress assembled, That the Secretary of Comicause uma w iiicu- merce and Labor be, and he is hereby, authorized to sell and convey

 to the city of New York, for the purposes of a street, public place, or

park, about one acre of the property of the United States known as the United States light—house property, in the Borough of Richmond, city of New York, and State of New York, for the purposes of widen- ' ing Stuyvesant place and South street in said Borough of Richmond, and improving the grade of said streets, upon such terms and conditions as he shall deem best. The land to be conveyed under this authority is more particularly described as follows: D°°°’*P'**°”· Beginning at a int on the easterly line of Stuyvesant place, distant four hundred andotwenty-one and forty-three one—hundredths feet northerly from the intersection of the southerly line of Wiener place and the easterly line of Stuyvesant place; thence northerly along the last-mentioned line four hundred and seventeen and seventy-tive onehundredths feet to the southerl line of South street; thence easterly along the last-mentioned line tliree hundred and fifty-nine and fort - nine one-hundredths feet; thence westerly, curving to the left on tlie arc of a circle of three hundred and five and sixt -five one-hundredths feet radius, tangent to the last chord, four hundred and eighty-three and ninety-three one-hundredths feet; thence southerly, tangent to the last chord, one hundred and four and sixty-two one-hundredths feet to the southerly line of the United States light-house property; thence westerly along the last-mentioned line, nfty and ten one-hundredths feet to the oint of beginning. Containing forty-one thousand four hundred and thirty-five and seventy one-hundredths square feet. Together with all the right, title, and interest of the United States in and to that part of Stuyvesant place and South street abutting and adjpining the property to be so conveyed and above described. nf? °* P*°°°°**° °‘ hat the proceeds from the sale of the property, authorized by this ' Act to be sold, are hereby appropriated as an additional sum to the amount to be appropriated for repairing, protecting, and improvin light-houses and buildings; for improvements to grounds connected therewith; for establishin and repairing day marks and pierhead and other beacon lights, including purchase of land for same; for illuminating apparatus and machinery to replace that already in use; construction of necessary outbuildings, at a cost not exceeding two hundred dollars at any one light station in any iiscal year, and for all othe1· necessary incidental expenses relatin to these various objects, including the pay of officers and crews of Sght-house tenders and of clerks and other employees in the offices of the light-house inspectors and light-house engineers and at lighthouse depots to be made for the fiscal 'year ending June thirtieth, nineteen hundred and six. E"°°‘°- This Act shall take effect and be in force immediately. Approved, March 1, 1905. March 1. 1905. CHAP. 1295.-An Act Establishing that portion of the boundarv line between lS· im"-] the State of South Dakota and the State of Nebraska south of Union'County, South [r¤¤11c,N¤. uc.] Dakota. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of R esentatives o the U n 2`ted Nf,‘j§§mP“*°" ’“"’ States of America in Congress assembled,q/That the porjtion of the krgpigsaelgxgpfy mg; boundary line between the State of South Dakota and the State of ggiwm, tppmwq, Nebraska lying and being south of Union County, South Dakota, shall r