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FIFTY·EIGHTH CONGRESS. Sess. III. C11. 1402. 1905. 847 For the necessary expenses of officers while temporarily employed E‘P°””°°°‘°”‘°°"· on ordnance duties at the proving ground and absent from their roper station, at the rate of two dollars and fifty cents per diem while so employed, and the compensation of draftsmen while employed in the . Army Ordnance Bureau on ordnance construction, eighteen thousand seven hundred dollars. . For repairs of railroad tracks connecting the roving ground with T"°“"°P•·"'- the Central Railroad of New Jersey, six thousand, dollars. For straightening railroad from Highland Beach, New Jersey, to m§,§;l’°°d "“P’°"°‘ proving ground, ten thousand dollars. wA·rEnvLm·r Ansniun, wxmnvmnr, Maw Yom:. W°*°"“°*-*”°°°l· For alteration of cranes at seacoast gun factory, Watervliet Arsenal, °'°·¤°¤— fourteen thousand dollars. srmyunmn mums. ‘ For the purchase of submarine mines and necessary appliances to S“*"'”“*“°"“““* operate them for closing the channels leading to our princi al seaports, and continuing torpedo experiments, for the purchase of the necessary ` machinery, tools, and im lements for the repair shop of the to do depot at Fort Totten, Ngw York, and for extra-duty pay to soldihrs necessarily employed for periods not less than ten days on work in connection with the issue, receipt, and care of submarine mining material at the torpedo depot, three hundred thousand dollars. ronumcnxons m msmaiz rossnssrons.I"°‘*'P°¤°•'*°'”* For construction of seacoast batteries in the insular possessions, S°¤<=°·=***¤¤¤¤- seven hundred thousand dollars. For the purchase, manufacture, test, and issue of seacoast cannon **°**°°°·¤*8“¤=*· ‘ for coast defense for the insular possessions, including their carriages, sights, implements, equipments, and the machinery necessary fort eir manufacture at the arsenals, one hundred and twenty thousand dollars. Prz/vided, That the Secretary of War is authorized to mount two twelve-inch and three ten-inch breech-loading rifles on a corresponding °g°°` number of carriages for which appropriation was made for the insular possessions in the fortiiication Act approved April twenty-first, nine- -**·’·· P· ***7- teen hundred and four, and in addition thereto two twe ve~inch and two ten-inch rilles for the carriages for which estimates are now submitted, these guns being surplus on hand in excess of the number of carriages provided for emplacements in the United States. For purchase, manufacture, and test of ammunition fpr seacoast *“““““*“°“· cannon, for the insular possessions, including the necessary experiments in connection therewith, and the machiner necessary for its manufacture at the arsenals, one hundred thousandy dollars. - For purchase, manufacture, and test of inspecting instruments for mg¤g·¢¤¤i¤s i¤¤¢r¤- the manufacture of cannon, carriages, andnmmunition; ran e finders amiss, em. and other instruments for fire control at the fortifications in the insular possessions, and the machinery necessary for their manufacture at the arsenals, sixteen thousand dollars. Hereafter all estimates for fortifications for insular possessions of Bmmlu '°¤“¤°°- the United States shall be made and submitted to Conglress showing amount proposed to be expended at each harbor in eac insular possession. noann or oizrmancn AND Fo1z*rus·1cA:rroN. sul},°gfrtg{c£ggg§¤* To enable the Board to make all needful and proper purchases, P°¤‘**¤¤°*· °*°- experimeuts, and tests to ascertain, with a view to their uti ization by the Government, the most effective guns, small arms, cartridges, pro-