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F IFTY—EIGHTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Cris. 6, 7. 1904. 7 empowered to issue their several bonds in any sum not exceeding two per centum of the assessed valuation of the real and personal property taxable for municipal purposes by said munici lities, respectively, as the same appears upon the last assessment rollsbf said municipalities, respectively, for the construction of a freighting and wagon road from any convenient point in the Salt River galley in Maricopa County, Territory of Arizona, to what is known as the Salt River reservoir dam site in said Maricopa County, Arizona. ` Sec. 2. That before the bonds of either said city or said towns shall q,§§§§P‘ °‘°°“°“ ’°‘ be issued a special election shall be ordered by the common council of said city or of said towns, or either of them, pro sing to i sue the bonds, at which election the question whether suchobonds shall issue shall be submitted to the qualified electors of said city or of said town or towns whose names appear upon the last assessment roll of said city or said town or towns as assessed for municipal taxation. Thirty N°“°°· days’ notice of any such election shall be given by publication thereof in a newspaper printed and ublished and of general circulation in said city or town in which suclh election is proposed to be held for said period of thirty days before the day fixed for such election. Sec. 3. That the registration for such elections, the manner of con- R°€“*'**i°¤·°'¤= ducting the same, an the canvassing of the returns of said election shall be as nearly as practicable in accordance with the requirements of law in general or s§)cial elections in each of said municipalities, respective y, and said nds shall be issued only upon condition that two-thirds of the votes cast at such election in said city or town shall be in favor of issuing said bonds. Sm. 4. That the bonds above specified, when authorized to be issued I“'°'°°'*°° "°”°* as hereinbefore provided, shall bear interest at not exceeding! five lper centum per annum, payable semiannually, and shall not be sol for ess than their par value, with accrued interest, and shall be in denomina- D°¤°¤*¤**“°¤¤· tions of five hundred dollars each, and shall be pavable in New York City or Phoenix, Arizona, at the option of the holder, in not less than fifteen years nor more than twentv years from date. Srcc. 5. That no part of the funds arising from the sale of said bonds U" °* *““’·"*“· shall be used for any purpose other than that specified in this Act. Srcc. 6. That said bonds shall be sold only in such amounts as the ”‘° °***°¤<‘¤· glpverning body of the municipality issuing the same shall direct, and e proceeds ereof, when expended, shall be disbursed under the ¤’*=*'·¤=¤~*¤¤<·¤¤¤ order and direction of such governing bod *, from time totime, as the same may he required for the purposes afyoresaid. Approved, January 21, 1904. CHAP. 7.-—·A1x Act Supplemental to the Act of February ninth, eighteen hun- January 2§,1904, dred and twenty-one, incorporating the Columbian College in the District of Colum- bia, and the Acts amendatory thereof. [Public, No. 7.] Be it enacted by the Senate and Hwa? Rejzresentathves of the United States of America in (/bngrese assembl , That the Act to incorporate nismccqtcommug. the Columbian College, in the District of Columbia, approved ebru- c,,‘Q‘{.{‘,§{“,l°,§§‘§§,d(;‘,¥_1°“° ary ninth, eighteen hundred and twenty-one, and the amendatory Act g,Pb§gé· approved March eighteenth, eighteen hundred and ninety-eight, be,' ' and the same are hereby, amended by repealing and striking out of the said charter the following words in lines twenty to twenty-·five in section one of the said amendatory Act of March eighteenth, eighteen hundred and ninety-eight, namely, "Two—thirds of said trustees, and T¤=¤*¤¤¤· also the president of the university, shall be members of regular Baptist churches; that is to say, members of churches of that denomination of Protestant Christians now usually known and recognized under the name of the regular Baptist denomination?