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894 FIFTY-EIGHTH CONGRESS. Sess. III. C11. 1406. 1905. S¤w¤¤· SEWERS. _ °l°¤¤*¤¤- For cleaning and repairing sewers and basins, forty-two thousand` dollars.‘ Mm Md PiP°· For main and pipe sewers and receiving basins, forty-four thousand dollars. S“*’“"*’“‘· For suburban sewers, forty-four thousand dollars.

    • 8**** °*"°Y· For purchase or condemnation of rights of way for construction,

maintenance, and repair of public sewers, one thousand dollars, or so much thereof as may be necessary. P‘““l’*”* ”“‘"°"· For continuing construction of the sewage—disposal system pumping station, and for machinery therefor, ninety-seven thousand dollars. ,,,1,i,e§}‘§$§,{,’Q°,,,1;*§§{ For completing construction of the B street and New Jersey avenue tlrunk sewer, one hundred and thirty-five thousand eight hundred ollars. 0******1 °°"°’· For completing the outfall sewer, siphon, and outlet, including cost of securing rights of way for outfall sewer b purchase or condemnation, three hundred thousand seven hundred do lars. m§g{_* °*°°* ““l B For completing lower section of Rock Creek and B street intercept- ‘ ing sewer, twenty-eilght thousand one hundred and thirty dollars, to be immediately avanlab e. w¤°¤* ¤¤° L °”°°*· For completing Water and L street intercepting sewer, one hundred and forty-three thousand five hundred and sixty dollars, to be immediately available. Four-and-n-half For completing Four·and-a-half street intercepting sewer, seventy- °"°°t' eight thousand and eighty dollars. B"'°“ °“‘1°*· Tor completin outlet to old B street sewer, twenty-four thousand two hundred andgfifty dollars. U" 0* ‘”‘l”'°°“· Any balances of former appropriations remaining after the execution of contracts for works of the sewage-disposal system may be applied by the Commissioners of the District of Columbia in the execution of other portions of said sewage·disposal system. _ ` S“°°“- STREETS. °‘°¤¤’¤8·°°°· Srizmxnruo, swmcrme, nm onmmue: For sprinkling, sweeping, and cleaning streets, avenues, alleys, and suburban streets, including rent of stable and storage rooms; purchase, maintenance, and livery of horses; purchase, maintenance, and repair of wagons and harness, and necessary incidental expenses, and work done under existing contracts, as well as hand work done under the immediate direction of gjgmgts Mmm the Commissioners without contract: I’z·m·frIer/, That whenever it wd. shall appear to the Commissioners that said latter work can not be done under t cir immediate direction at nineteen cents or less per thousand square yards, in accordance with the specifications under which the same was last advertised for bids, it shall at once be their duty to advertise to let said work under said specifications to the lowest responsible bidder, and if the same can not be rocured to be done at a price not exceeding twenty cents per thousand) square yards, they may continue to do said work under their immediate direction, in accordance with said specifications; one hundred and ninety-one thousand tive hundred do lars, and the Commissioners shall so apportion this appro- _ priation as to prevent a deficiency therein. ,c§°“’°“”¤“"°“””° For cleaning snow and ice from cross walks and gutters, under the V0l.28,p.809. Act approved March second, eighteen hundred and ninetv-five, two _ thousand five hundred dollars. M D“P°°’*‘°*'°"“°· Drsrosn. or our mzresn: For the collection and disposal of garbage and dead animals; miscellaneous refuse and ashes from private residences in the city of \Vashington and the more densely populated suburbs; for collection and disposal of night soil in the` District of