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PARCELSPOST CONVENTION—BELGIUM. NOVEMBER 19, 1904. 2299 Form No. 1. Form 1- Parcels-Post.

g A parcel addressed as under has been posted here this day: I I 2 _ "I I I 0500 I I gmmp, I --·---.·. . . . ..., . . . . . . . k I I . . . I This certificate is given to inform the sender of the posting of a parcel, and does not indicate I that any liabxlity in respect of such parcel attaches to the Postmaster-General. I

Form No. 2. Form 2- A. Pa·rcels·P0st between the United Staten and Belgium. Date Placetowhich l FORM OF CUSTOMS DECLARATION. the mam stamp. ‘ I ad . i; ' Description of · I parcel: [State I Total whether box, _ Contents. Value. Per cent.I customs basket, bag, I I charges. I etc.] I I I I , I I . I I I 8 I 8 , I 1 ‘ I { • I


I I I I I I ————!-—·-—

 Total. Total, I s I I O

I Date of posting . 19.. signature and address of sender {ZIii::;::::;::2:::::;:: ' Q-For use of Post-Othee only, and to be tllled up at the oftlce of exchange: Parcel Bill No . ... : No. of rates prepaid .. ..; Entry No B. I·‘a.rcels—Post from . . The import duty assessed by an officer of customs on contents oi this parcel amounts to , which must be paid before the parcel is delivered. DME stamp. Im; Parcels—P0st from .. L ... _ This parcel has been passed by an omcer of customs and must be dehvered Frans or Cnntcs. Dam I stamp.