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served and remained sealed until opened in the course of the drawing herein provided. When the registration is completed, all of these sealed envelopes will be brought together at the place of drawing and turned over to the committee in charge of the drawing, who, in such manner as in their judgment will be attended with entire fairness and equality of opportunity, shall proceed to draw out and open the separate envelopes and to give to each enclosed card a number in the order in which the envelope containing the same is drawn. The result of the drawing will be certified by the committee to the officers of the district and will determine the order in which the applicants may make homestead entry of said lands and settlement thereon.

Notice of the drawings, stating the name of each ap licant and num- N°°l* ber assigned to him by the drawing, will be posted each) day at the place of drawing, and each applicant will be notified of his number and of the day upon which he must make his entry, by a postal card mailed to him at the address given by him at the time of registration. The result of each days drawing will also be given to the press to be published as a matter o news. Applications for homestead entry of said lands dur- APPI ing the first sixty days following the openin can be made only by reg- ` istered applicants and in the order established by the drawing. The land officers for the district will receive applications for entries at Bonesteel, South Dakota, in their district, beginning August 8, 1904, and until and including September 10, 1904, and thereafter at Chamberlain. Commencing Monday, August 8, 1904, at 9 o’clock a. m., the applications of those drawing numbers 1 to 100, inclusive, must be presented and will be considered in their numerical order during the first `day, and the applications of those drawing numbers 101 to 200, inclusive, must be presented and will be considered in their numerical order during the second day, and so on at that rate until all of said lands subject to entry under the homestead law, and desired thereunder have been entered. 1f any applicant fails to ap ear and present his application for entry when the number assigned) to him by the drawing is reached, his right to enter will be passed until after the other a plieations assigned for that day have been disposed of, when he will {be 'ven another opportunity to make entry, failing in which he will be dleemed to have abandoned his right to make entry unde1· such drawing. To obtain the allowance of a homestead entry, each mgggg applicant must personally present the certificate of registration there- ‘ tofore issued to im, together with a regular homestea application and · the necessary accom nyin proofs, and make the tirst payment of one dollar per acre for tht landg embraced in his application, together with the re ular land office fees, but an honorably discharged soldier or sailor may file his declaratory statement through his agent, who can re resent but one soldier or sailor as in the matter of registration. ll`he production of the certificate of registration will be dispensed with only upon satisfactory proof of its loss or destruction. If at the time of considering his regular application for entry it appear that an ap licant is disqualiiiet from making homestead entry of these lands {his application will be rejected. notwithstanding his prior registration. lf any applicant shall register more than once hereunder, or in any other than his true name, or shall transfer his registration certificate, he will thereby lose all the benefits of the registration and drawing herein provided for, and will be precluded from entering or settling upon any of said lands during the first sixty days following said opening.

Any person or persons desiring to found, or to suggest establishing, TCW a townsite u n any of said ceded lands, at any point, may, at any time before tht; openingmherein provided for, file in the land office a written application to t theffect, describing by legal subdivisions the lands intended to be affected, and stating fully an under oath the necessity or propriety of founding or establishing a town at that place. The local officers will forthwith transmit said petition to the Commis-