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east corner of Section twenty-four (24), Township one (1) North, Range ninety-one (91) West· thence westerly to the south-west corner of said sectipn; thenge southlerly m the southeast corxlaer of Section twenty-six 26) said towns ip· thence wester y to the sou -west corner of said section; thence southerly to the south-east corner of Section thirty-four (3-L), said township; thence westerly along the Base Line to the south-west corner of Section thirty-gwo (32), said township; thence northerly to the north—west corner 0 Uection seventeen 17) said township; thence westerly to the south—west corner of Sectiori zyvelve (12),hT<iwn€h1phone Norgh, Range fninetytwof (92) gyest; ence nor er y 0 e no -wes corner o sa: sec ion- ence westerly to the south-west corner of Section téngee (3), said (tdwnship; thence northerly to the north—west corner of ction three 3) Township two (2) North, Range ninetytwo (92) West; thence easterly to diersguméwest cornaer of §g(3l(£`lY tlprhyl-four (34)€hT<1wnr:h1phthree (I3) ( o nge l11D0 y—one es · ence nor er y 0 e nor - west cbrner of sai;} spctiop; thenlce easlterly to the nprthelast corlper of Sectionthirty-six 36 said towns ip· thence nort er ytot enort -west corner of Township three (3) Nortli Range ninety (90) West; thence easterly to the south-west corner of Section thirty-two (32), Township four (4) North, Range ninety (90) West; thence northerly to the·northwest corner of the south-west smarter of Section twenty-nine (29), said township; thence easterly to the northyeast corner of the south-east quarter of Section twenty-eight (28), said township- thence northerly to the south-east corner of Section sixteen (16), said township; $ce enor —wescn nnn , 1 wnsi, e Zl,°“°"¥i.‘° th? Z?“Z'£‘1'FS§.§.‘2¥£ “ if fit'} “§f3°&`i "“‘iP,‘Z° 2}§"`°,'I$ E? be `nning.

U Rm set- Whrning is hereby expressly given to all persons not to make settle- `°” ment upon the reserved lands within the above—described boundaries.

_cR=g;s rp Tihe lands lheliiepy excluded from the reserve landlrestpred go the pub- `¤ gi (1 lic omain s a e open to sett ement rom the ate ereo but shall i';' c G pot be subjept to entry, filhgg or selectipnhunfil after ninety days notice y such ub ication as t ie `ecretary o the nterior may prescribe.

In Witness Whereof, I have hereunto set my band and caused the seal of the United States to be affixed.

Done at the City of Washington this 21st day of May, in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and four, and of the Independence of the United States the one hundred and twenty-eighth.

Theodore Roosevelt
By the President:
Francis B. Loomis,
Acting Secretary of State.

[No. 31.]

 May 26, 1904. 

By the President of the United States of America


Vol. 26, p. 1103.

Whereas, it is provided by section twenty-four of the Act of ‘ %1;§1-essj&:;;pyox’ed Maych tllii5rd,·eighteen hundred and ninety-one, en- “ Th .t th Pc pl retpea u;mU rjcu ture laws, and for other purposes , rp. de residen 0 e mted States may, from time to time, set apa f an treserve, in any State or Territory having public land bearing ores s, in any part of the public lands wholly or in part covered with timber or undergrowth, w ether of commercial value or not, as