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the district publicly held at Devils Lake, North Dakota, commencing l at 9 o’clock A. M., Wednesday, August 2~lth, 1904, and continuing for such period as may be necessary to complete_the same. The drawing will be had] under the suplervision and immedpiate observanple of a committeeo t ree personsw ose integrity is suc as to make their control of the drawing a guaranty of its fairness. The members of this committee will be alppointed by the Secretary of the Interior, who will prescribe suitab e compensation for their services. Preparatory to _thisldrav;ingltheggggstpaltionlpffilcers(;v1ll,fat$h1;t1p{1e of pegistering iacl; appicanwo w 1 se uy uaie aeou acaruwic must be signed by the applicant, and giving such a description of the ziplplicant as yvill enable the local landio cers to thereafter 1 entify him. ’ is card wi l be subsequentl seale in a separate envelope which will bear no other distinguishing label or mark than such as may be neces-. scary tofslipw that it todgo lipto tgieldiéawipg. Th?e epyelopes wid care u y reserv an re ain ea e un opene in e course o the drawing herein provided. When the registration is completed, all of `these sealed envelopes will be brought together at the place of drawing and turned over tohthe coénmittee iH.cl1arge of the dgawing, who in such manner as in their ju gment wi be attended wit entire fairiiess and equality of opportunity, shall proceed to draw out and open the separate envelopes andlto give to each enclosed carda number in the or er in which the enve ope containing the same was drawn. The result of the drawing will be certified by the committee to the officers of 316 ldistriciiésaglid l degerngrye tllie orger iplwhich ;t;ll";e.applicants IDB.}' ma e omes en ry o said an s an se emen ereon.

Notice of the drawin s, stating the name of each applicant and num- N<>¤· bprl assigned toénim bly gedrawingh will betpiosfecpelach day it the pliace o rawing an eac app 1can wi e no 1 e o is num er an or the day updn which he must make his entry, by a postal card, mailed to him at the address given by him at the time of registration. The result of each day’s drawing will also_be given to the press to be published as a matter of news. Applications foxi] homestead entry of saéd lands durin the first sixty days following the opening can be ma e only by registered applicants and in the order established by the drawing. At the land office for the district at Devils Lake, North Dakota, commencing Tuesday, September 6, 1904, at 9 o?clock_ A. M., the apphcatigns of draygngdnnnzpers 1 to §0,l1ncl(1;s1v3, must tpe resente am wi consi e in enr numerma or er uring e hrst day, and the applications of those drawing numbers 51 to 100, lll('lllS1\`€, must he presented and will be considered in their numerical order during the second dav. and so on at that rate until all of said lands subject to entry under the homestead law, and desired thereunder, have been entered. lf any applicant fails to ap(pear and present his application for entry when the number assigne to him by the drawing is reached, his right to enter will be passed until after the other applications assigned for that day have been disposed of, when he will be given another opportunity to make entry, failing in which he will be deemed to have abandoned his right to make entry under .· eh drawing.

To obtain the alloylvance of a honéestead entry, inch applicant nénsf mfmj rsonall resent the certificate o registration theretofore issue to lihn, togghler with a regular homestead application and the necessary accompanying proofs, and make the first payment of one dollar and fiftv cents per acre for the land embraced in his application, together with the re lar land olliee fees, but an honorablv dist-har ed soldier gu · . g or sailor may file his declaratory statement through his agent, who can represent but one soldier or sailor as IH the matter of reg1stration. The roduction of the certificate of registration will be dispensed with P . . only upon satisfactory proof of its loss or destruction. If at the time