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tions four (4) to nine (9), both inclusive, Sections sixteen (16) to twenty-one (21), both inclusive, the south half of Section twenty-two(22). the westhalf of Sectionstwenty-three (23) and twenty-six (26), and Sections twenty-seven (27) to thirty-tive (35), both inclusive;

In Township ten (10) South, Ran seventy-four (74) West, the west half of Section three (3), the east haIf§of Section four (4), the south—east quarter of Section eight (8), Section nine (9), the west half of Section ten (10), Sections fifteen (15) to twenty-two (22), both inclusive, Sections twenty-seven (27) to thirty-three (33),‘both inclusive, and the north half and south-west quarter of Section thirty-four (34);

In Township twelve (12) South, Range seventy-four (74) est, Section thirteen (13), the east half of Sections fourteen (14) and twenty-three (23), Section twenty-four (24), the north half of Section twenty-tive (25), and the north-east quarter of Section twenty-six (26).

And Whereas, the public lands in the State of Colorado, within the Laudsrewvedlimits hereinafter described, are in part covered with timber, and it appears that the public good would be promoted by setting apart and reserving said lands as a public reservation, I hereby further make known and proclaim, by virtue of the power vested in me by the aforesaid acts of Congress approved March third, eighteen hundred and V<>1·26.i>-1103 ninety-one, and June fourth, eighteen hundred and ninet -seven, that the following described public dands are hereby reserved, from entr or settlement, and are added to and made a part of the aforesaid South Platte Forest Reserve:

In Township eleven (11) South, Range seventy-four (74) West, Sections one (1) and two (2), the east half of Section three (3), the northeast uarter of Section ten (10); Sections eleven (11) and twelve (12), and the north half of Sections t irteen (13) and fourteen (14).

Excepting from the force and effect of this proclamation all lands L¤¤d= °¤°°P*€d· which may Iiave been, prior to the date hereof, embraced in any legal entry or covered b any lawful tiling duly of record in the prope1· United States Iiandv Office, or upon which any valid settlement has been made pursuant to law, and the statutory period within which to make entry or filing of record has not expired: Provided, that this exception shall not continue to apply to any particular tract of land unless the entryman, settler or claimant continues to comply with the law under which the entry, Bling or settlement was made.

The lands hereby excluded from the reserve and restored to the ,,e{Qf,§,°{,;‘,§,°*{,$}}},'},¥,‘,Q’ public domain shall be open to settlement from the date hereof, but swried rv public doshall not be subject to entry, filing or selection until after ninety m" "' days notice by such publication as t IB Secretary of the Interior may prescribe.

Warning is hereby expressly given to all persons not to make settle- t,g;·;g¤;~·¤<* fr<>¤¤ M- ment upon the lands reserved by this proclamation.

In Witness Whereof, I have hereunto set my band and caused the seal of the United States to be affixed.

Done at the City of Washington this 6th day of December, in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and four, and of the Independence of the United States the one hundred and twenty-ninth.

Theodore Roosevelt
By the President:
John Hay,
Secretary of State.