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1682 FIFTY-EIGHTH. CONGRESS. Sess. H. Cris. 1996—1999. 1904. A|lg'ilé8g,}$‘l· CHAP. 1996.-An Act For the relief of Harry C. Mix. [Private. Nc. 1732] Be it enacted by t/ie Senate and House of Representateves of the United Hm., C_Mi,_ States ofAme¢·0]ea in Congress assembled, That Harry C. Mix, of Bibb bHi§g{¤;:¢,$0u€s¤(;¤A¤;- County, Georgia, be, and he is hereby, relieved from any and all lia- Hon.' bility to pay a certain recogmzance given by A. F. Holt and the said Harry C. Mix as security for the said F. Holt on the twenty-third , day of January, eighteen hundred and ninety-five, 1D the penal sum ot one thousand five hundred dollars, by which recognizance they acknowledged themselves to be held and firmly bound to the United States of America that the said A. F. Holt should personally appear at the then next term of the district courtof the United States for the southern district of Georgia, to be held at Savannah, Georgia, in said district, on the first Monday in January, eighteen hundred and ninety- five, and at the succeeding term or terms, should the case be continued, the said A. F. Holt being charged with the embezzlement of gwghzofm postal funds: Provided, lzmveeer, That the said Harry C. Mix shall ymiirst pay to the Government of the United States all costs that may have accrued upon any proceeding instituted for the purpose of forfeiting such recognizance. ` Approved, April 28, 1904. _ April 28,1904. CHAP. 1997 .—An Act For the relief of the Columbia Brewing Company, of Shen- [ · R· 33*} andoah, Pennsylvania. [Private, No. 173.] _ _ _ commbka Brewing Stge zt}na1eted the Sgzate and H0e2;s’;.Z?£iRrA¢{~(plv·etse;zltat2§2es oftsthe Zzzgid com _ eso merzca an ongress ass a e ecre r ‘ o e P¤PY:·u°l¤°*°· Treasury be, and he is hereby, authorizdd and directed to adbust and settle the claim of the Columbia Brewing Com ny, of Shenandoah Pennsylvania, for the sum of four hundred andwsixteen dollars and twenty-five cents, being the amount paid by that company and covered into the Treasury of the United States for beer stamps ordered by the said company but never received by it, by payment of said sum of four hundred and sixteen dollars and twenty-five cents, out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated. Approved, April 28, 1904.

 CHAP. 1998.-.-ln Act For the relief of Eugene Patenaude.

[rm·»u¤,:<¤.1vs4,] Be it enacted by the Senate and [tease of Re rresentat[·¢·es of the United Eugene ,,mmm,,c States of America in ()}72{/7‘€88 assembled, T/hat the Secretary of the Puymentto.Treasury be, and he is hereby, authorized and directed to pay to Eugene Patenaude, of Colchester, Chittenden County, Vermont, the sum of five hundred dollars. in full for injuries sustained by him by reason of his being shot and severely wounded on the twenty-third day of September, nineteen hundred and one, at said Colchester. by a stray bul et tired by an unknown member of Eleventh Reviment United States Cavalry while at target practice. That there is bereby appropriated, out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, five hundred dollars for the payment of this claim. Approved, April 28, 1904. itgilggg CHAP. 1999.-.Xn Act For the relief of the estate of Mary P. Gilmore. [mmm, N0.1735.] Be it enacted by the Senate and House of resentatives of the Cizitecl Mar\.P_Gum0m_ States of America in Longress assembled, 'lzbat the Secretary of the mggpgiygyznegagitg; Treasury be. and he is hereby, authorized, empowered. and directed bs. to issue a duplicate of a registered bond of the Ynited States, four