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1684 FIFTY-EIGHTH CONGRESS. Sess. ll. CHS. 2002-2006. 1904. that would accrue thereon until the same shall become due or payable, with good and sufficient sureties, to be approved by the Secretary of the Treasury, conditioned to indemnify and save harmless the United States from any claim because of said ost or destroyed bonds. I Approved, April 28, 1904. _ 4 AE-L?-ségpjl LHAP. B003.—An Act For the relief of Russel A. McKinley. [mvsw, xc. rm.] Be it enacted by the Senate and House ofltegeresentatives of the United Rum, AMcK,mey_ States of America in Congress assembled, That Russel A. McKinley, nmmry mmm wr- who enlisted on the twenty-third of April, nineteen hundred, under ”°°°°°' the name of Waldo Delacy, and was assiglned to Troop C, Second Reg- · iment United States Cavalry, shall be_ eld and considered to have remained continuously in the military service of the United States and in the line of duty as a soldier until the twentieth day of January, nineteen hundred and one, when he was released from military control, and his discharge from said service shall be held and considered ` to have taken effect on said twentieth day of January, nineteen hun- §;‘·';'· M dred and one: Provided, That no pay or other emoluments shall become ' due or payable to any person by reason of the passage of this Act. ' Approved, April 28, 1904. ° 5g3M?? CHAP. 8004.-An Act For the relief of Alexander S. Rosenthal. [Prime. No- mv-1 Be ttenacted by the Senate and Houseog R$;·eseatat£ves of the United Q,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, States of America in Congress ass , at the Secretary of the ¢¤;_¤·mmm Treasury be, and he is hereby, authorized and directed to pay, out of any moneyxin the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, to A exander Y S. Rosent l, late consul of the UnitedStates at Leghorn, Italy, the sum of eight hundred and nineteen dollars and eleven cents, to reimburse him for moneys expended by him in procuring the disinfection of articles of merchandise shipped from the port of Leghorn, Italy, to the United States during the prevalence of cholora, in the year eighteen hundred and ninety-three. _ Approved, April 28, 1904. Apr-2128.1904. 2005.-An Act For the relief of Allegheny College, at Meadville. Penn- E · R- 102*%} sylvama. [Pnmm N0, ml'] Be it enacted by the Senate and House o2fRe0re.sentati/ves of the United f,g‘§§}‘§}f’ °°"‘*°· States of America in (ongress assemblee , That on account of the burning of one of the buildings of Allegheny College, Meadville, Pennsylvania, on Friday, Decem er eighteenth, eighteen hundred and eighty· two, known as Culver Hall, whereby a shortage of three hundred and fifty-eight dollars and twenty-three cents was incurred to ordnance an or nance stores issued to said college under its bond, dated March second, eighteen hundred and seventyseven, the Secretary of War is hereby authorized and directed to relieve said Allegheny Colle-ge, at Meadville, Pennsylvania, from any further money responsibility under said bond not exceeding the above-named amount. Approved, April 28, 1904. Avril 2s, 1904. CHAP. 2008.-An Act To authorize a duplicate medal to be struck off and pre- [H·B·1°°°°·] sented to Johrir Hom, of Detroit, Michigan, for life-saving. Private, N0. 1742. [J h I Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Riqyesentatieies of the Cvnited D°I,pE‘i§i,‘€§°.;,.ml r.,, States of America in Congress assembled, at the Secretary of the ¤¥¢**¤V*¤5· Treasury be, and he is hereby, authorized and directed to strike olf and present to John Horn, of Detroit, Michigan, a duplicate of the