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1862 FIF.l.`Y—EIGHTH CONGRESS. Sess. III. CHS. 719, 721-723. 1900. F¤bft1;fg’7§’0»11006· CHAP. 719.-An Act Granting a pension to Ezra Walker Abbott. lP¤v¤*~=>» M 63*1 Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Regresentatlves of the [batted E,,,,w,lk,,,,bb.m_ States of America in Congress assembled, That_ the Secretary of the P¤¤¤*¤¤· Interior be, and he is hereby, authorized and directed to place on the usion roll, sub`ect to the provisions and limrtatrons of the (pensron lisows, the name of Ezra Walker Abbott, late contract nurse an volunteer surgeon, Medical Department, United States Volunteers, and pay him a pension at the rate of seventeen dollars per month. Approved, February 20, 1905. Febmjgwwft. 1905- GHAP. 721 .—An Act For the relief of William B. Bames. IPriv¤¢<=. M 635-] Be it enacted by the Senate aatdHm1se of Representatives of t/ae Wmm, B mmm States of America vm Congress assembled, That William B. Barnes, late H¤¤°¤'¤l>l•‘> <¤¤· major, Eleventh Regiment New York Heavy Artillery, shall be con- °h"‘° gmm sidered and held to have been honorably disc arged from the military service of the United States on September thirtieth, eiglhteen hundred _ and sixt -three, and a certificate of such discharge} s all be issued: fm; sm, Hwidecl; That this Act shall not entitle the said rnes to any pay, bounty, or allowances. Approved, February 21, 1905. Febm&_?5. 1905- CHAP. 7?2.—An Act For the relief of Laura S. Gillingwaters. [Prime. No. 636.1 Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United mms E mmHg_ States of America in Congress assembled, That notwithstanding the water;.records of the proceedings and sentence of the court-niartial in the mgltgéew mm ml" case of Private James E. Gillingwaters, late of Company H, Twelfth Missouri Cavalry Volunteers, the Secretary of War be, and hereby is, _ authorized and directed to issue to said Gillingwaters an honorable dis-

  • ’“’"‘“°“‘ ‘° '"d°‘”· charge of the date of his release from military control; also that the

Secretary of the Treasury be, and he hereby is, directed to cause to be paid to Laura S. Gillingwaters, widow of the said James E. Gillingwaters, all ay and allowances forfeited by the proceedings and sentence of said) court-martial and full pay and allowances up to date of his said release from military control, and an amount sufficient for this purpose is hereby appropriated out of any moneys in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated; and said Gillingwaters is hereby restored to all rights and privileges forfeited by sentence of said courtmartial. Approved, February 21, 1905. Febriggrrug. 1905- CHAP. 723.-An Act For the relief of Gottlieb C. Rose. {Prime. No- 637-] Be it enacted by the Senate and [Ease of Rqoresentatives of the United Gmueb c_R,,,,,_ States of America in (jongress assembled, That Gottlieb C. Rose, late gggggdeblediwhyze major of the Fourth Missouri Cavalry, shall be considered and held to have been honorably discharged as such major from the United States serv1ce on the twelfth day of December, eighteen hundred and