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2166 ’ MONEY-ORDER CONVENTION—TRANSVAAL. %% Apr-u 28,1903. Convention between the Oelony of the T ransvaal and the United States June I3_190s_ af America ezmeerning the exe/Lange of Jlloney Orders. · Preamble- l The Postmaster General of the Colony of the Transvaal and the Postmaster General of the United States of America being desirous of establishing a system of exchange of Money Orders between the two countries, have agreed on behalf of their respective Governments to the following Articles: _ Airnonm 1. _ 0,§j;!‘j,l‘““8°°‘”‘°“°Y 1. There shall be a regular exchange of Money Orders between the two countries. ¤¤¤¤¤¤¤ ·¤¤¤¤¤*· 2. The maximum of each order is fixed at ten pounds, sterling, when issued in the Transvaal, and when issued in the United States at the » eguivalent in sterling money of one hundred dollars in the money" o the latter country, converted at the rate fixed by article 13 of the I present Convention. _ 3. No Money Order shall include the fractional part of a penny, or of a cent. Bg`§_l¤;eme>;1r;re¤¤edi¤ 4. The amount of each order, whether issued in the United States _ ‘ ° E` or in the Trausvaal must be expressed in letters in British money, and the equivalentin the money of the United States must also be shown in figures. Anrichn 2. k¤*e¤<>ffe¤¤- 1. The '[`ransvaal Post Office Department shall have power to [ix the rates of commission on all Money Orders issued in the Transvaal, and the Post Office Department of the United States shall have the same power in regard to all Money Orders issued in the United States. ,,2,*2 *’“”bl° m °d` 2. Each office shall communicate to the other its tariff of charges or rates of commission, which shall be established under this Convention, and these rates shall, in all eases, be payable in advance by the remit- T ters, and shall not be repayable. ,i(,,$'.?§”,'},K{ys§`,J°X§,’§f 3. It is understood, moreover, that each administration is authorized to suspend temporarily the exchange of Money Orders. in case the course of exchange, or any other circumstances, should give rise to abuses or cause detriment to the- postal revenue. _ Anrrcm Fm "’ ""'°°““°d· Each country shall keep the commission charged on all Money Orders issued within its jurisdiction. Airrrcma 4. °‘“°°*°"*x°”“”€°- 1. The service of the Postal Money Order System between the two . countries shall be performed exclusively by the agency of offices of