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FIFl‘Y~NINTH CONGRESS. Sess. 11. Ch. 2533. 1907. 1227 CHAP. 2588,-An act Granting to the Central Colorado Power Company a right M¤r¤h 2-190*7 of way over certain public lands, for irrigation and electric power plants, in the State [H·R·°*n8*] of C0 Omdo. [Public, No. 192.] Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Resentatiaes oft/te United States %;)Anzer-iea in Congress assembled 'izhrat the Central Colorado §;';}{$*:f‘{’-olmdo Power ‘ mpany, of Colorado, organized for the purpose of supplying Power company ziy- water for the irrigation of lands and other beneficial uses, and for EZ‘,;,,$lIf ° W'"` "' generating and distributing power for use by municipalities and the public generally, is hereby granted a right of way through the public ands of the United States in the State of Colorado, designated in the ”°**¤”*‘-*°“· manner following, namelv: (a) F ora canal or ditch for carrgin a part of the waters of the Grand °*°°‘· River in Grand County, Colora o, from a point on the left bank of said river, whence the northwest corner of section twenty-three, township one north, range eighty-one west of the sixth rinci l meridian bears north seven degrees fifty-eight minutes west Four dédusand and ninety-two and three-tenths feet; thence southwesterly through said section twenty-three and through sections twenty-two, twenty-seven, twenty-eight, thirty-two, and thirty-three, in said township and range, and sections five, six, and seven in township one south, range eight - one west, to a reservoir for impounding said waters, sitnate in the south half of said section seven; and thence in a westerly direction to a power house situate on said Grand River in the west half of said section seven; and for said reservoir and for power-house grounds, all ,§§°,°§§{,_ h°"° “"° as more particularly described in map and Held notes of said canal approved by the Secretary of the Interior under the provisions of the "°*· SL P·"’°· Act of February fifteenth, nineteen hundred and one, on the twenty- · third day of November, nineteen hundred and six. (b) For a reservoir for storing the waters of the Williams Fork S*°¤¤° '°•°”°**· River, in Grand County, Colora o, situate in sections twenty-three · twenty-tive, twenty-six, twenty-seven, thirty-four, thirty-five, and thirty-six, in township one north, range seventy-nine west, sixth principal meridian, from the easterly end of the m whereof the northeast corner of said section twenty-six bears south, twenty-six degrees east, two thousand one hundred and sixtyeight feet, as more particularly described in map and field notes o said reservoir approved by the Secretary of the nterior under the provisions of Act o February fifteenth, nineteen hundred and one, on the eleventh day of June, nineteen hundred and six. - I I ‘ Sec. 2. That the grounds covered by the rights of way heroin ,,,lfff{§§‘} ° ‘"‘“‘ granted shall include fifty feet on each side of the ccntcr of said canals or ditches as constructed, and the grounds actually occupied and necessary for power house and station grounds and reservoirs, dams, and necessary buildings and structures to be used in connection with the construction, opc ration, maintenance, and use thereof, together with fifty feet on each side of the marginal limits of all such buildings, structures, and reservoirs. or such portion thereof as may be actua gy! necessary for the construction, maintenance, operation, an use thereo , together with the right to submerge and iiood such areas only as may be actually necessary to imponnd the water in said reservoir; also the right to take from the public lands adjacent to the line of the canal or ditch, material, earth, and stone necessary for the construction of such canal or ditch. _ _ _ Sec. 3. That the rights herein granted shall not be construed to e,£f¤¤°*°¤ P’°1°°'-°· interfere with the control of water for irrigation and other urposes under the laws of the United States or of the state of Coloraclo. Sec. 4. That the Central Colorado Power Company shall be liable D“"‘“‘°"°”°°°°”‘ to any settler on the public domain whose possession it injures or damages by the construction of any canal, ditch, or reservoir, and shall, within sixty days after the approval of this Act, file with the Secretary