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FIFTY—N1N'[`H CONGRESS. Sess. I. (Jus. 31148, 3054. 1906. 2lSl gage, loan, and investment companies, and similar institutions; to the fishing industry in cooperation with the Bureau of Fisheries; and every f{gl}t"'“€{j· tive years to collect statistics relating to street railways, electric light ¤¤g¤ii§·1_i<·¤ rollcrred and power, telephone, and telegraph business. And the Director of mm hv°°'°"°" the Census shall prepare schedules containing such interrogatories as shall in his judgment be best adapted to elicit the information required under the subjects, with such specifications, divisions, and particulars under each head as he shall deem necessary to that end; and all reports prepared under the provisions of this section shall be designated as _ ‘ Special Reports of the Census Office} For the purpose of securing S°°°'”l "“°“"‘ the statistics required by this section the Di1'€CtOP of the Census may appoint special agents when necessary, and such special agents shall receive compensation as hereinafter provided. And the Director of be°§;{f§fj,Q Lt‘§*“,§;'I}{f the Census shall edit, index, and publish the Oiizicial Register of the r¤¤¤<>r<>f€h<· dérnsigs. United States, and the provisions of existing law imposing that duty 5i§'p$',§il`Zk,13i35eZ°$1 upon the Department of the Interior are hereby repealed, and the data ""· to be included in the Otlticial Register, which is now required to be transmitted to the Secretary of the Interior, shall hereafter be transmitted to the Director of the Census? Approved, June 7, 1906. CHAP. 3054.—A11 Act Providing for compulsory education in the District of J¤¤¤8.1906. crommbia. iS·1248·1 __ Public, No. 203. Be It enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of Nw I/Zzéted [ ] States 0_/"America in Congress assembled, That every parent, guardian, lgj,§Q°ffsf,Q;"‘;f,‘,§j:; or other person residing in the District of Columbia having charge mm ci children be and control of a child between the ages of eight and fourteen years ;`§'$°{:,u°,{§€n‘}l,_°lgh° shall cause such child to be regularl instructed in the elementary branches of knowledge, including readling, writing, English grammar, geography, and arithmetic, an pursuant to this end every such parent, guardian, or other person a oresaid shall cause ang) chil under the char e and control of such person to attend some pu lic, private, or parochial school during the period of each year the public schools in the District are in session, on the customary days and during the customary hours of the school term. No chil shall be credited with ,(_f;$,Qf,fl§°j§q,,;’{,__,_“" attendance upon a private or parochial school unless the attendance officer hereinafter provided for receives a certificate of attendance signed by the person in charge of such school. A child between the “_;l‘m:<LL2:;3¤_ll;Lg;{] ages aforesaid may be excused from school attendance or instruction m·.·m3.y il.-.·¤··m—.i, upon presentation of satisfactory evidence to the superintendent of schools that such child is being or has been within said year instructed a like period of time in the hranclnvs taught in the public schools, or that such child has acquired these branches of learning, or that the physical or mental condition of such child is such as to render such attendance or instruction inexpedient or impracticahle. _ Sno,. 2. That if any person having under control a child, as described Wfgxedrgyemlg iu section one, shall neglect for three day sessions or six half-day ses- ¤rm»¤.m.-mmm-.-. sions, within any period of five months to cause such child to attend school, a written notice shall be sent to such person by an attendance officer, hereinafter provided for, informing him that the attendance of the child under the control of such person is required at school within a period of three days. If such chi d is not excused as provided for in le{j;¤¤;jj¤¤,gi;;:$,{g>¤`;¤r§g; section one, and is not in school within three days, prosecution shall notice. ‘ be begun in the police court by an olhcer empowered under this Act against the arent or other person in control of the child, and upon conviction the parent or other aperson in control of the child shall be punished for each and every o ense by a iine of not more than twenty ollars.