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238 FIFTY—NINTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. CHS. 3076, 3077. 1906. P'*Ym°'“°"’°"“°*· Sec. 7. That when the verdict of said jury shall have been finally ratified and confirmed by the court, as herein provided, the amounts of money awarded and adjudged to be payable for lands taken unde1· ‘ the provisions hereof shall be paid to the owners of said land by the disbursing officer of the District of Columbia from moneys advanced to him by the Secretary of the Treasury upon requisitions of the Com- D$¥;f;{’{*;f,*;Qf,’;Sf”m missiouers of said District, as provided by law; and a suffic1ent sum to pay the amounts of said judgments and awards IS hereby appropriated from the revenues of the District of Columbia. m§§}f°'i°“ °‘ ““°“` Sec. 8. That when confirmed by the court, the several assessments herein rovided to be made shal severally be a lien upon the land assessei and shall be collected as special improvement taxes in the District of Columbia, and shall be payable in two equal annual installments, with interest at the rate of four per centum per annum from and after sixty days after the conhrmation of the verdict and award. d,£*§§‘,“§,‘§,;"g,“§‘3,{,,§i,§f In all cases of payments the accounting officers shall take into account the assessment for benefits and the award for damages, and shall pay only such part of said award in respect of any lot as may be in excess of the assessment for benefits against the part of such lot not taken, and there shall be credited on said assessment the amount of said award not in excess of said assessment. Y¤>¤¢¢di¤8¤- Sec. 9. That said court may allow amendments in form or substance in any petition, process, record, or proceeding, or in the description of property proposed to be taken, or of property assessed for benefits whenever such amendments will not interfere with the substantial rights of the parties interested. juQg;P°”¤**i°¤ °' Sec. 10. That each juror shall receive as compensation the sum of five dollars per day for his services during the time he shall be actually en aged in such services under the provisions hereof. ` cx*;g£;gg'*““°“ *°¥ §EC. 11. That the sum of three hundred dollars is hereby appropriated, out of the revenues of the District of Columbia, to provide the necessary funds for the costs and expenses of the condemnation R"‘""""”*‘““"’“‘· proceedings taken pursuant hereto, to be repaid to the District of Columbia from said assessments for benefits when the same are collected as herein provided. ~*PP°°‘°*'*‘?°‘°d°l”Y Sec. 12. That no a al by an r interested arty from the decision Upwing of mw' m` of the supreme court bmlie District of Columliia confirming the assessment or assessments of benefits or damages herein provided for, nor any other proceeding at law or in equity by such party against the confirmation of such assessment or assessments, shall delay or prevent the payment of award to others in respect to the property concxcnmcd, _ nor delay or prevent the taking of any of said property sought to bc Q',QQ;,*‘;;,,_,,,,_m,_,,__ condemned, nor the opening of such street: 1*/vwulod, b,oweum·, That .-muh. upon the final deternunation of said appeal or other proceeding at law or in equity the amount found to be due and payable as damages sustained by reason of the extension of said street under the provisions hereof shall be paid as hereinbefore provided. Approved, June 11, 1906. June 11, 1906. CHAP. 3O77.—r\r1 Act (`eding to the cityof ('anon (Jity, Colorado, certain lands l*I;§;\&lii W for park purposes. [mbhc`_M` iz;`} Be it enacted by Me Semzte and ][0u.s·e of Reprexwz tatives of the United fZQ{‘,‘;§‘,f]Q§{,;,Q@§j,ed Niafes of America in (bzzgwss assembled, That there is hereby granted ggbifygigzrlihpgurggysi to the city of,_Canon City, a municipal corporation in the county of come. _ _Fremont and State of Colorado. all lands now belonging to the lvnited D°’°"*"‘°"· States of America located in sections numbered twenty-one, twenty-