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262 FIFTY-NINTH CONGRESS. SE . I. Cris. 3289,3298. 1906. thereto, nor any box, ckage, cover, or wrapper in which such article is incased or inclosedia shall be stam ed, branded, engraved, or 1m- printed with any word or mark usuallly employed to in 'cate the fineness of gold, unless such word or mark be accompanied by other words plainly indicating that such article or part thereof is made of rolled gold plate, (gold plate, or gold electrop te, or IS gold filled, as the case ,,g,%1g$*;;§,§f,l},’;§," °’ may be, an no such artic e, nor any tag, card, or label attached there- ` to, nor any box, packa e, cover, or wrapper in which such_ article 1S incased or inclosed, shail be stamped, bran ed, engraved, or rmprrnted with the word "sterling” or the word " coin," either alone or in conjunction with other words or marks. _ _ _ mlQg:;¤l*¤°¤* *°"*** Sec. 5. That each and every person, firm, corporation, or association, ` bein a manufacturer of or a w olesale or retail dealer rn gold_or silver jpweiry, gold ware, silver goods, or silverware, who or which shall nowingly violate any of the provisions of this Act, and every officer, manager, director, or managing agent of any such corporation or association having knowledge of such violation and directly (participating in such violation or consenting thereto, shall be deeme guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction thereof in any court of the United States having jurisdiction of crimes within the district in which such violation was committed or through. which has been conducted the transportation of the article in respectto which such violation has been committed, shall be punished by a line of not more than five hundred dollars or imprisonment for not more 'than three months, or both, at ·'¤¤¤”¤¤°¤- the discretion of the court. Whenever the offense is begun in one jurisdiction and completed in another it may be dealt with, inquired of, tried, determined, and unished in either jurisdiction in the same manner as if the odense had been actually and wholly committed ' therein. c,QQ‘fS'§E ,,,§’,{m,§'f°"Sec. 6. That the expression “article of merchandise" as used in this Act shall si ify any goods, wares, works of art, commodity, or _ _ other thing whigil may be lawfully kept or offered for sale. m(f"‘;';”f},,,pl{“°’}‘,§_$$ Sec. 7. That all articles of merchandise to which this Act applies SWB- ¤w·» la"- which shall have been transported into any State, Territory, District, or possession of the United States, and shall remain therein for use, sale, or storage, shall, upon arrival in such State, Territory, District, or possession, be subject 'to the operation of all the laws of such State, Territory, District, or possession of the United States to the same extent and in the same manner as though such articles of merchandise had been produced in such State, Territory, District, or possession, and shall not be exempt therefrom by reason of being introduced therein in original packages or otherwise. I”"°°°°“‘ ""°"°“"· Sm`. 8. That this Act shall take eifect one year after the date of its passage. Approved. June 13., 1906. June 14. 1906. CHAP. 3298.-An Act To enable the Indians allotted lands in severalty within the _ __ E 2*1**-] boundaries of drainage district numbered one, in Richardson County, Nebraska, to [puma-, xs 221] protect the2r_ lands from overflow, and for the segregation of such of said Indians rom their tribal relations as may be expedient, an for other purposes. Be it enacted by the Senate and H0 use of Representatives of the United d,§j§0${’Q€ jjygmiyj States of America in Congress assembled, That the Secretary of the Intplrrori be, atpd hcl1s, hereby,1 authorized, in his discretion, under Paymeprwip Ri_<·h· suc ru es an rc u a ions as e ma rescribe, to er ca ita to 'udwn (‘°um" mb" the Indians of thegSac and Fox tribe; bf Missouri,I:ll1ot)ted laiids in severalty within the boundaries of drainage district numbered one, in Richardson County, Nebraska, the proportionate share of such Indians "°'- T- P· in the one hundred and fifty-seven thousand dollars "paper principal ”