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FIFTY-NINTII CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 3504. 1906. 339 as possible: ]’2·oc£ded_;‘}u·ther, That the holder or holders of the lease I’**Y’“°“'°’*">'l°**S°<*S· or leases to which such lands shall be added shall, before the same are added, pay the Indian Ol' Indians who have tiled upon or applied for such lands as their allotments, or who are in possession thereof, the value of the improvements placed on the land by said Indian or Indians, such value to be determined under the direction of the Secretary of the Interior. That there is appropriated, out of any money in the United States ,€Q;}gS§é,‘;)’°°“*'· Treasury not otherwise appropriated, the su111 of one thousand two ` hundred and thirty-six dollars, to pay Toney E. Proctor two dollars per day in lieu of subsistence from August thirteenth, eighteen hundred and ninety-nine, until April twenty-third, nineteen hundred and one, while serving as town—site appraiser of Wagoner, Indian Territory, Creek Nation. Removal of intruders, Five Civilized Tribes: For thepurpose of u§°m°"”l °f i¤**¤d· removing intruders and placing allottees in unrestricted possession of " their allotments, to be expended under the direction of the Secretary of the Interior, twenty thousand dollars. That the Secretary of the Interior be. and he is hereby, authorized gfllgjlfgjljgg Igypgghl to make such contract as in his judgment seems advisable for the care ` of orphan Indian children at the Whittaker Home, Pryor Creek, Indian Territory, and for the purpose of carryin this provision into . eifect, the sum of ten thousand dollars, or so mucI1 thereof as is necessary, is hereby appropriated, out of any moneys in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated. Ten thousand dollars, or so much thereof as may be necessary, to p°§*1;g{;¤¤*¤8 ¤'¤*-“· be immediately available, in the payment of indebtedness already ’ ' incurred, necessarily expended in suppressing the spread of smallpox in the Indian Territory during the fiscal year ended June thirtieth, nineteen hundred, all accounts to be first examined and approved by the Secretary of the Interior as just and reasonable before being paid. To enable the Secretary of the Interior to carry out the provisions Removing memof the Act approved April twenty-tirst, nineteen hundred and four, mii1¤iIs3i*»d,‘i>li‘i0¤£` for the removal of restrictions upon the alienation of lands of all allottees of the Five Civilized Tribes, eighteen thousand dollars: _ Hwvided, That so much as may be necessary may be used in the §{g;§j· cm loyment of clerical force in the office of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs. For general incidental expenses of the Indian Service in the Indian lncidenwls. Territory, and for pay of employees, eighteen thousand dollars. To carry out the provisions of section ten of the supplemental agree- Qilglgwgp- I M5-ek ments with the Creek Nation, as ratified by the Act of June thirtieth, ’m\’ol.3E,pp?Em£9z: nineteen hundred and two. and section thirty-seven of the Cherokee agreement, as ratified by the Act of July first. nineteen hundred and two, eight thousand dollars. I S SPECTOR. Inspector. For clerical and incidental expenses of the United States inspectors °m°° °‘*’““'°* office, Indian Territory, in accordance with the plrovisions of section twenty-seven of the Act of June twenty-eight . eighteen hundred _ I w and ninety-eight, entitled "An Act for the protection of the (peogle of l°'°'E`°`°' the Indian Territory, and for other pnrposes," ten thousan do lan-s. _ T o enable the Secretary of the Interior to investigate. or cause to I“"°“‘*“*“‘gl°”““· be investigated, any lease of allotted land in the Indian Territory which he has reason to believe has been obtained by fraud, or in violation of the terms of existing agreements with any of the Five Civilized Tribes, as provided by the Act approved March third, nineteen V<>l·¤·1>·1¤60- hundred and five, ten thousand dollars.