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354 FIFTY—NINTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 3504. 1906. For pay of carpenter, miller, engineer, farmer, and blacksmith, as per tenth article of same treaty, three thousand sir hundred dollars; For pay of second blacksmith, as per eighth art1cle of same treaty, , one thousand two hundred dollars; In all, thirty-six thousand dollars. un§;°;*r*;i,*;*h‘£;Y°¤““ Noirrrmim onmY1:NNEs AND ARArAHo1:s. (Treaty.) $‘f,§’f‘i§‘§f’§?§g6‘f'°‘ For subsistence and civilization, as per agreement with the Sioux Indians approved February twenty-eighth, eighteen hundred and seventy-seven, including subsistence and civilization of _ Northern Cheyennes removed from Pine Ridge Agency to Tongue River, Montana, ninety thousand dollars; _ For pay of physician, two teachers, two carpenters, one miller, two farmers, a blacksmith, and engineer, per seventh article of the treaty of May tenth, eighteen hundred and sixty-eight, nine thousand dollars; i In all, ninety-nine thousand dollars. °““1°· For the urchase of heifers and bulls for the Indians on the Northern _ Cheyenne Indian Reservation, Tongue River Agency, Montana, thirty

 thousand dollars: Provided, That the expenditure of this money shall

be under the direction of the Secretary of the Interior, who shall purchase the cattle and regulate their distribution according to such rules and regulations as in his discretion he may deem best. mgathead Reserva- FLATHEAD RESERVATION.` sugivmm provi- That the Act of April twenty-third, nineteen hundred and four ,,,,Ye‘},§,,f3· P' 3°’· (Thirty-third Statutes at Large, page three hundred and two), entitled » "An Act for the survey and allotment of lands now embraced within the limits of the Flathead Indian Reservation, in the State of Montana, and the sale and disposal of all surplus lands after allotment," as v01. as. p. mso. amended b section nine of the Act of March third, nineteen hundred _ and five (Thirty-third Statutes at Large, page one thousand and forty- eight), be amended by adding the following sections: ,zgyw¤¤ Sim ¤¤¤·¤r— ."Sec. 17. That the Secretary of the Interior is hereby authorized ` and directed to reserve and set aside for town-site purposes, and to survey, lay out, and plat into town lots, streets, alleys, and parks not less than forty acres of said land at or near each of the present settlements of Arlee, Dayton, Ravalli, Dixon, and Ronan, and not less than eighty acres at the present settlements of Saint Ignatius and Polson, and at such other places as the Secretary of the Interior mav deem necessary or convenient for town sites, in such manner as will ,best subserve the presentneeds and the reasonable prospective growth of said settlements.

¤g‘~·¥$;¤$; W "Such town sites shall be surveyed, appraised, and disposed of a>

' ``` provided in section twenty-three hundred andeighty-one of the United {,’{g;e;·g,mup_mu States Revised Statutes: Prone7e1oz/, That any person who, at the date ` when the appraisers commence their work upon the land, shall be an actual resident upon any one such lot and the owner of substantial and permanent improvements thereon. and who shall maintain his or her residence and improvements on such lot to the date of his or her application to enter, shall be entitled to enter, at any time prior to the day fixed for the public sale and at the appraised value thereof, such lot and any one additional lot of which he or she may also be in possession and upon which he or she may have substantial and per-

  • ’~°¤¤*V*¤8P*°<>f·°°°~ manent improvements: Pz·mnz'dcrZ fll7‘[h€7', That before making entry

of any suc lot or lots the applicant shall make proof, to the satisfaction of the register and receiver of the land district in which the land lies, of such residence, possession, and ownership of improvements, under such regulations as to time, notice, manner, and character of proof as may be prescribed by the Commissioner of the General Land