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FIFTY-NINTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 3553. 1906. 495


Srnmxnrue, swnnrme, Arm CLEANINGI For sprinkling, sweeping, °*¤··¤i¤¤·<~=*~=· and cleaning streets, avenues, alleys, and suburban streets, including rent of storage rooms; maintenance and repairs of stable, purchase, and maintenance of horses; purchase, maintenance, and re air of wagons and harness, and necessary incidental expenses, and work done under existing contracts, as well as hand work done under the immediate direction of the Commissioners without contract: Provided, That whenever it shall appear to the Commissioners that said latter work can not be done under their immediate direction at nineteen cents or less per thousand square yards, in accordance with the specifications under which the same was last advertised for bids, it shall at once be their duty to advertise to let said work under said specifications to the lowest responsible bidder, and if the same can not be procured to be done_ at a price not exceeding twenty cents r thousand square yards, they may continue to do said work under dhieir immediate direction, in accordance with said specifications; two hundred and forty thousand dollars, and the Commissioners shall so apportion this . appropriation as to prevent a deficiency therein. · or cleaning snow and ice from cross walks and gutters, under the m§¤¤¤*l¤S¤¤¤W•¤d Act approved March second, eighteen hundred and ninety-five, two \lol.28,p.809. thousand five hundred dollars. Drsrosn. or crrr mirusmz For the collection and disposal of gar- Di¤1>¤¤¤1¤fr¤f¤¤¤- bage and dead animals; miscellaneous refuse and ashes from private ` residences in the city of Washington and the more densely pulated suburbs; for collection and disposal of night soil in the ldigtrict of Columbia, and for the payment of necessary inspection, livery of . horses, and incidental expenses, one hundred and sixty-eight thousand three hundred and forty-dollars. FOR THE PARKING COMMISSION: For contingent expenses, including iP¤rkins c<>mm5¤· laborers, cart hire, trees, tree boxes, tree stakes, tree straps, planting ° °°' and care of trees on city and suburban streets, whitewashmg, care of parks, and miscellaneous items, twenty-seven thousand five hundred ollars. Bxrume Bmaouz For superintendent, six hundred dollars; watch- ”“""“¥"°‘°*‘· man, four hundred and ii ty dollars; and for temporary services, maintenance, and repairs, one thousand nine hundred and fifty dollars; construction of bath houses and for im rovement of wharves and Boating baths. five thousand dollars; in ali, eight thousand dollars, to be immediately available. Fon ruizmc scALns: For purchase, repair and replacement of public S°'*‘°‘· scales, five hundred dollars. Fon runuo rumrs: For the repair of public umps, cleaning and *’““*P°- protecting public wells, filling abandoned or condiemned public wells, includin the hire and maintenance of necessary horse and wagon, two thousand dollars. Pnxreizommsz For maintenance, supervision. and completing equip- Pl*¥¤‘°“¤°¤· ment of outdoor playgrounds, ten thousand dollars, to be immediate y available. Pusmc oouvmmmson snrioxs: For care and maintenance of pub- ,,£'{,§‘,§§Y °°"°“*°“°° lic convenience stations, the sum of five thousand dollars apppropriated Kg:pf;0¥;;r°,f{,m_ by the Act approved March third, nineteen hundred and ve, for this purpose for the fiscal year nineteen hundred and S1X·lS hereby reappropriated and made available for the fiscal year nineteen hundred and seven. Hannon Ann mvrm rnoarr: For surveys, plan, and estimates for m{{;f*·°* Wl flm improving the harbor front of the city of Washington, two thousand Surveys, em. tive hundred dollars.