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FIFTY—NINTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 3561. 1906. 529 For purchase of machines, tools, and material for practical instructions of cadets in wood and metal working, five hundred dollars; Fora course of lectures for the more complete instruction of cadets, Lecturesone thousand two hundred dollars; In all, for current and ordinary ex nses, one hundred and seventeen thousand one hundred and three didllars and seventy-five cents. misomnnarmons rrnms AND INCIDENTAL nxrnusns. mrgiisggmxgeppngnsggd For commercial periodicals, stationery, office furniture and supplies, Swicnery. ew and for binding orders, circulars, and so forth, for the office of the tlreigurer, United States Military Academy, two hundred and ten o rs; For purchase of one counting machine for use in the office of the treasurer United States Military Academ , and cabinet for same, to, be immediately available, and to be purchased without advertising, four hundred dollars; · R For gas-coal, oil, candles, lanterns, matches, chimneys, and wicking _ Lizhfillz. plumb for lig ting the academy building, chapel, library, cadet barracks, 1"' °t°' mess hall, shops, hospital, offices, stables, and riding hall, sidewalks, camp, and wharfs, ten thousand dollars; For water pipe, (plumbing, and repairs, Eve thousand dollars; For material an labor for cleaning and policing public buildings (not quarters), three thousand five hundred dollars; ` For supplies for recitation rooms not otherwise provided for and for · renewing and repairing furniture in same, six hundred dollars; Increase and expense of library, namely: . ubnm For purchase, preservation, care, storage, binding and repair of books, periodicals, pamphlets, maps, pictures, and manuscripts; purchase of furniture, cases, stationery, and fittings; for expenses of making copies of military manuscripts in other libraries, an for contingent expenses not otherwise provided for; purchases to be made in gpplrpmarket on the written order of the superintendent, ten thousand o rs; For iireproof metal stacks in library building, with necessary galleries and steps, five thousand five hundred dollars; For contingent funds, to be expended under the direction of the dcopzmgerxée, msacademic hoard: For instruments, books, repairs to apparatus, and °”`° ‘ other incidental ex uses not otherwise provided for, one thousand dollars: 1’rav£d¢d, lhat all technical and scientific supplies for the nom;. I departments of instruction of the Military Academy shall bedpur- T°° '"°‘ '“”u°"‘ chased by contract or otherwise, as the Secretary of War may eem best; Purchase of instruments for band and repairs to same; for purchase Musmi supplies. of reeds, pads, strings, and other materials necessary for brass. wood wind, and string instruments; for purchase of music stands and other equi ments; for purchase of music for military band and orchestra and for extra parts; all to be purchased in open market on order of su rintendent, two thousand three hundred dollars; Ripairs and im rovements to the laundry machinery and apparatus L¤¤¤drv.¤¤=» in the cadet laundli , and the purchase of new material, tools, and so forth, to be expended without advertising, one thousand eight hundred dollars; _ For the purchase of one bread-molding machine, to be immediately available and to be expended without advertising, seven hundred dollars; Repair of cookin utensils, chairs, tables, and other furniture in the cadet mess, and tge replacement of same, to be expended without advertising, one thousand one hundred and fifty dollars; Gymnasium and athletic supplies: For repairs, new machines, ath- G¥=¤¤·¤¤¤¤- ¤¤¤· letic supplies, and fixtures for gymnasium, two thousand dollars; vox. xxxrv, rr 1-—·-34