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690 FIFTY-NINTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. C11. 3913. 1906. twenty dollars each, seventeen thousand two hundred and eighty dollars; thirty-two clerks, at six hundred dollars each, mneteen thousand two hundred dollars; one photographer, one thousand two hundred dollars; one assistant photograplher, eight hundred and forty dollars; eight skilled laborers, at seven undre and twenty dollars each, tive thousand seven hundred and sixty dollars; twenty skilled laborers, at six hundred dollars each, twelve thousand dollars; one messenger, eight hundred and forty dollars; two messengers, at seven hun red and twenty dollars each, one thousand four hundred and forty dollars; one messenger, seven hundred and twenty dollars; three messengers, at six hundred dollars each, one thousand eight hundred dollars; two messengers, at four hundred and twenty dollars each, eight hundred and forty dollars; one messenger boy, three hundred and sixty dollars; one fireman, seven hundred and twenty dollars; in all, one hundred and sixteen thousand two hundred and seventy dollars. - §°"‘°*l},}‘,',}ff°“·,,, PUBHCAHONS, DEPARTMENT or Aemomruam: General expenses, dwwga Division of Publications: For the preparation, printing, illustration publication, indexin , and distribution of documents, ulletins, and reports, one hundrecfand thirty-two thousand two hundred and fifty F•¤¤¤¤’ ¤¤¤•¤¤¤~ dollars, of which sum ninety-eight thousand seven hundred and fifty dollars shall be available for the preparation, printing, and distribution of farmers’ bulletins, which shall be adapted to the interests of mg’{'_*""l°"" ‘“°’ the people of the different sections of the country, an equal proportion of four-fifths of which shall be delivered to or sent out under the addressed franks furnished by Senators, Bepresentatives, and Delegates in Congress, as such Senators, Representatives, or Dele- §§,‘g’,f’,§,‘;,,,,, 0, m,,_ gates in Congress shall direct: Provided, That the Secretary of Agri- ¤=¤¤¤- culture shall notify Senators, Representatives, and Delegates in Congress of the title and character of each such bulletin, with the total number to which each Senator, Mpresentative, and Delegate may be entitled for such distribution; and on the face of the.envelope inclosing said bulletins shall be printed the title of each bulletin fg§{)l:u¤*;{,<;f&°¤°¤“¤d· contained therein: Pr0*videdR]%1rther, That all such bulletins included in the quotas of Senators, eipresentatives, or Delegates not called for on or before the thirty- rst day of May in each fiscal ear shall revert to the Secretary of Agriculture, and be available to him, either for miscellaneous distribution or in making up Congressional M{"‘”“°'*•l °*¤Pl°Y· puotas for the next fiscal vear; three thousand five hundred dollars or additional assistants, editorial proof reading, indexing, and other necessary help in the city of Washington and elsewhere; for the pay of artists, draftsmen, and engravers; the urchase of manuscript T<¤>1¤» cw or publication; for tools, instruments, and) artists’ materials; for drawings, engravings, photographs, paintings, lithographs, and other illustration work; for electrotypes, and for traveling expenses when necessar ; thirty thousand do lars for labor and material required in the distribution of documents, including wagons, harness, and “°“‘· °*°· horses, and maintenance of same, and for re irs; for rent of buildings for the storage and distribution of publibations; for the ay of watchmen and charwomen; for all necessary office fixtures and supplies; for gas and electric current, telegraph and tele hone services and for such other expenses as may be necessary; in all, one hundred and thirty-two thousand two hundred and fifty dollars. Total for Division of Publications, two hundred and forty-eight thousand five hundred and twenty dollars. ”‘“'°“"‘°‘S“"*’“°”· BUREAU OF STATISTICS. S"“*°° Sarxnrns, BUREAU or S*rn·ns·rros:_ One statistician, who shall be chief of Bureau, three thousand five hundred dollars; one assistant statistician. who shall be assistant chief of Bureau. two thousand two