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FIFTY-NINTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 3914. 1906. 723 the Capitol, ilagstaffs, halliards, and tackle, wages of mechanics and laborers; purchase, maintenance, and driving of office vehicle, and not exceeding one hundred dollars for the purchase of technical and necessai; books, thirg thousand dollars. or reroofing at portion of the Terrace of the Capitol which is 0}§,j"}°,§{‘€ "`°"'*°° occupied by committee rooms, twenty-eight thousand dollars. P. ` F(;)Ié1’iV0lV1Dg doors for entrances to the Capitol building, six thou- B°'°‘“”¢ °°°'¤· san ol ars. For equipping the Senate st-office with steel coimter, letter boxes, s'°°’ °°‘“'“"“· °*°· and cabmets, and for metal tlidniture, three thousand dollars. Toward the construction of the iireproof building for committee ,,,§'§§,§,’§°° ‘°““‘“'* rooms and offices for the United States Senate provided for in the V¤1-$3.i>r-481.1181 sundry civil‘Act approved April twent ·eighth, nineteen hundred and four, including not exceeding five hundred dollars for the purchase of geppssary technical and other books, nine hundred and fifty thousand o ars. Toward the construction of the iire roof buildin for committee Y" °m°° b““‘“”¥ rooms and offices for the House of Regresentativemgprovided for in ggitgtig Of mm the sundry civil appropriations Act approved March third, nineteen 33Y§li§'·f1m;v°1’ hundred and three, inc uding not exceeding five hundred dollars for the purchase of necessary technical and other books, five hundred thousand dollars, to continue available until expended. For continuing the work of cleaning and repairing works of art in __,f°P°*""¤' "°'*' °‘ the Ca itol, inc uding repairs to frames, un er the direction of the Joint (lommittee on the L1brary, one thousand five hundred dollars. Ixrnovmo run Carrror. cnouxnsz For continuing the work of the °‘*’“°’ *""““"'· improvement of the Capitol grounds, care of the grounds, pay of one clerk, mechanics, gardeners, and laborers; for repairs to artificial stone pavement, walks, and roadways, twenty-five thousand dollars. . ,LIGH'1'ING rm: Carrro;. AND GROUNDSZ For lighting the Capitol and ,,,’,;‘,§,',§,§{,§{ °""‘°' unds about the same, includinguthe Botanic Garden, Senate and Bduse stables, and engine house, altby Building, and folding and stora e rooms of the Senate and House of Representatives; for gas and eTectric lightin ; pay of su rintendent of meters, at the rate of one thousand two hundred dolisiis per annum, who shall inspect all gas and electric meters of the Government in the District of Columbia without additional compensation, lamplighters, gas litters, and for materials and labor for gas and electric lighting, and for general re airs, forty-two thousand five hundred dollars. Tor repairs and improvements to steam fire-engine house, and Senate ¤¤¤>¤¤· ¤¤·¤¤·» ¤¢¤· and House stables, and for repairs to and paving of iloors and courtyards of same, one thousand ve hundred ollars. ` mxrmxsns or run ooLL¤c*r10N OF REVENUE Faou sums or ruamc Public lands. nuns. Ssnamms AND COMMISSIONS OF REGISTERS AND rmcmvmzs: For ce{§j_§;§*°” md ’°‘ salaries and commissions of registers of district land offices and receivers of public moneys at district land offices, at not exceeding three thousand dollars per annum each, five hundred and sixty-Eve thousand dollars. (BONTINGENT Exraxsms ov LAND OFFICES: For clerk hire, rent, and °°“°""°“°°"°”“‘ other incidental expenses of the district land offices, two hundred and twenty-five thousand dollars: Prrrvzded, That this appropriation shall f.e’,°'d,",,,,"‘ _ be available for the payment of per diem, m lieu of subsistence, not exceedin three dollars per day, of clerks detailed to examine the books and management o district land offices and to assist in opening new land offices and reservH.ti0¤S, While On such duty, and for actual necessary traveling expBnSGS of Sild Clerks, mcludingn necessary Pe ou on exsleeping—car fares: Hwzded further, That no expenses c rgeable to ‘