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FIFTY-NIN’l`H CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 510. l906. 47 For contingent, Bureau of Ordnance, four hundred and nine dollars and forty cents. For provisions, Navy, Bureau of Supplies and Accounts. one hundred and ninety-tive dollars and fifty cents. For contingent, Bureau of Supplies and Accounts, three dollars and ei%hty-one cents. or construction and repair, Bureau of Construction and Repair, thirty-eight dollars and ninety-two cents. For steam machinery, Bureau of Steam Engineering, twenty-eight dollars. For indemnity for lost property, naval service, Act of March second, eighteen hundred and ninety-tive, seven hundred and twenty-five dollars and fifty-eight cents. For indemnity for lost clothing, one hundred and eight dollars and thirty-three cents. For destruction of clothing and bedding for sanitary reasons, fifty dollars and sixtyfrive cents. For bounty for destruction of enemy’s vessels, forty-nine dollars and fifty-six cents. For enlistment bounties to seamen, five hundred and fifty-two dollars and two cents. CLAIMS A1.1.owED BY THE Aunrroa Fon THE imraaioa ..93532* ,g*3°g1;,.’;>; DEPARTMENT. ¤>¤v·¤·¤·=¤¢~ For expenses, special ins ctors, De rtinent of the Interior, fiscal year nineteen hundred and Igur, six ddlllars and forty-tive cents. For contingent expenses, Department of the Interior, fiscal year nineteen hundred and four, seven dollars and four cents. For contingent expenses, office of surveyor-general of Alaska, one dollar and seventy-tive cents. A For contingent expenses of land ofdces, eleven dollars and sixty-one cents. For surveying the public lands, twenty-three thousand two hundred , and sixty-five dollars and thi rty-eight cents. For surveying private land claims, one hundred and ninety dollars and seven cents. For surveying Fort Buford abandoned military reservation, five hundred and forty-seven dollars and thirty-two cents. For Geological Survey, two hundred and seventy-nine dollars and seventy-nine cents. For geological maps of the United States, iiscal year nineteen hundred and four, sixteen do lars and fifty cents. For surveying forest reserves, twelve dollars and twenty-three cents. For transportation of Indiarrsupplies, two hundred and ninety-two dollars and forty-six cents. For su port of Sioux of different tribes, subsistence and civilization, forty dollars and seventy-five cents. For support of coufederated bands of Utes, employees, six hundred and fifty-nine dollars and two cents. For support of Indians in Arizona and New Mexico, one hundred and sixty-six dollars and sixty three cents. For army pensions, five hundred and sixty-nine dollars and ninety- three cents. For navy pensions, thirty dollars. For fees of examining surgeons, pensions, two dollars. For contingent expenses, pension agencies, two dollars and twenty~ two cents.