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788 FIFTY-NINTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 3916. 1906. trict of Columbia included in the triangles or parts of triangles herein mentioned, as follows: Part of the triangle situated at the east side of Sixteenth street and north of Columbia road which lies north of a line commencing at the southwest corner of lot one hundred and fifty-four and extending east at right angles to Sixteenth street to the west line of Fifteenth street. Aio all of the triangle situated at the east side of Sixteenth street at the intersection of that street with Piney Branch road and consisting of part of ori inal lot numbered eight, in the subdivision of “Argyle," as recorded in the office of the surveyor of the fj°,_‘jf;f’{},}f‘°“· District of Columbia, the condemnation proceedings to be had under ' subchapter one of chapter fifteen of the code of law for the District mt of dnl_ of Columbia: Havided, /wwe/ver, That the entire amount found to be non. due and awarded by the jury as damages for and in respect of the land condemned, plus the costs and expenses of the proceedings, shall be assessed by the jury as benefits, and to the extent of such benefits, ginst those pieces or parcels of land which will be benefited by the » _ condemnation of said triangles for Government reservations. ‘ §,',§§,',‘{,'},*f“‘},}‘· 2,02,. Sec. 23. That the Secretary of War be, and he is hereby, authorized ggxgmw and directed to permit the erection of a monument, which shall cost ` not less than five thousand dollars, in honor of the heroes of peace, by ' the volunteer firemen of the United States, under such rules and regulations as he may prescribe, on reservation numbered twenty-nine, being bounded on the south by Penns lvania avenue, on the east by · Twentieth street west, and on the nortli by I street north, in the city ws, omwgn of Washington, District of Columbia: Provided, That the design for ppthe proposed monument shall be approved by the Secretary of War. m¢g§;;£fig¤$H*gn;° S1:0. 24. That the Secretary of the Treasury shall require all owners ` or agents of sites in each city mentioned in this Act, where sites or _ _ additions to sites are to be purchased, to submit offers of sale in ,,,,B§1“:,,,,{’,{,,,l}_“‘ld'"*‘“ writing. And in case a site or addition to a site acquired under the provisions of this Act contains a building or buildings the Secretary of the Treasury is hereby authorized, in his discretion, to rent until · their removal becomes necessary such of said buildings as may be purchased by the Government, or the land on which the same may be ocated, where the buildings are reserved by the venders, at a fair rental value, the net proceeds thereof to be deposited in the Treasury of the United States, and a report of the proceedings to be submitted m‘,p,c, ,,,. to Congress annually: 1’ro·vided, That each site selected under the ¤“**°°- provisions of this Act shall be bounded upon at least two sides by streets, unless otherwise specifically provided. D§j{°* °'°°" *""*· Sec. 25. T hata committee of three Senators, to be pppointed by the hggpqusgaa pu pur- President of the Senate, and three Members of the ouse of Repre- ° °°°"“°°' sentative, to be appointed by the Speakerof the House, be constituted to take into considldgation the advisabilitypf purchasing the proposed addition to Rock Creek Park, the so-called Meridian Hill site, the so-called Carpenter and Pennsylvania Avenue Heights tracts, for parks, and the so-called Montrose track on Georgetown Heights for a park located in the District of Columbia, and to report their conclusions to the Congress at the commencement of the second session of the Fifty- ninth Congress. p0Q_*jj$;Q*§,Q§sf°'P‘° Sec. 26. That proposals for the sale of land suitable for all sites provided for in this Act, respectively, shall be invited by public advertisement in one of the newspapers of said cities, respectively, of largest circulation for at least twenty days prior to the date specified 0,'¤é¤!;é¤;*:AT;*¤¤· *=*¤·· in said advertisement for the opening of said proposals. Proposals ` made in response to said advertisement shall be mailed and addressed to the Secretary of the Treasury, who shall then cause the said pro- · ppsed sites, and such others as he may think proper to designate, to examined in person by an agent of the Treasury Department, who shall make written report to said Secretary of the results of said