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FIFTY—NIN'I`H CONGRESS. Sess. II. CHS. 467-469. 1907. 879 thereby developed, in accordance with the provisions of an Act entitled Mw P- 386- "An Act to regulate the construction of dams across navigable waters," apgroved June twenty-first, nineteen hundred and six. nc. 2. That the right to amend or repeal this Act is hereby Ammameuz. expressly reserved. Approved, February 5, 1907. CHAP. 468.--An Act Granting pensions to certain enlisted men, soldiers, and February 6,1907. otfmers who served in the civil war and the war with Mexico. YS·‘”6·] Public, No. 63. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representat¢7ves of tlw United [ 1 States of America in Congress assembled, That any person who served §'{{],,*~‘g'g‘~“ B mf 62 ninety days or more in the military or naval service of the United fcrserviceincgiland States during the late civil war or sixty days in the war with Mexico, M°’*°'"’ w'"" and who has been honombly discharged therefrom, and who has reached the age of sixty-two years or over, shall, upon makin proof of such facts according to such rules and regulations as the écretary of the Interior may provide, be placed ufon the pension roll, and be entitled to receive a pension as follows: n case such person has reached the F·¤“”¤· age of sixt>y·t,wo years, twelve dollars per month; seventy years, fifteen dollars r mouth; seventydive years or over, twenty dollars r month; any such pension shall commence from the date of the ging of the application in the Bureau of Pensions after the passage and approval of this Act: Provided, That pensioners who are sixty-two _ years of age or over, and who are now receiving Ennsions under exist- ,...4 .§§u§°Q.°€°$£ ing laws, •01’ whose claims are pending in the ureau of Pensions, “°"· may, by application to the Commissioner of Pensions in such form as he may prescribe, receive the benefits of this Act; and nothing herein contained shall prevent any pensioner or person entitled to a pension from prosecuting his claim and. receiving u pension under anypther general or specia Act: Provided, That no person shall receive u pen- Dggm pensions sion under any other law at the same time or for the same gejiod that he °’° ` is receiving a pension under the provisions of this Act: yvidedfurther, That no person who is now receiving or shall hereafter receive a Rwrlcvnn. greater pension under any other general or special law than he would be entitled to receive under the provisions herein shall be pensionable under this Ae]., Sec. 2. That rank in the service shall not be considered in applica- w§g{j]QQQdf‘°"’*°° "°° tions filed hereunder. · Sm:. 3. That; no pension attorney, ohnm agent, or other person shall m{g;j‘p*g;*;ftig'{l§'°‘°d be entitled to receive any compensation for servwes rendered in presenting any claim to the Bureau of Pensions, or securing any pension, under this Act. Approved, February 6. 1907. CHAP. 469.-An Act To authorize fhé Albany Railroad Bridge Company or the F¤b1'g¤’T%'6% Chicago and Northwestern Railway Company to reconstruct a bridge across the ____;;_____ Mississippi River. ¥P“W°-N°·“·] Whereas the Albany Railroad Bridge Company, a corporation, Owns, *"°’““"‘°· and the Chica o and Northwestern Railway Company, a. corporation, has leased undg is using. as railroad bridge across the Mississippi River between the citv of Clinton, Iowa, and an opposite point on the main bank in the Stsdse of Illinois, and by reason of the age of said bridge and its inadequacy to present conditions and needs it is proposed to