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998 SIXTIETH CONGRESS. Sess. II. C11. 299. 1909. V°*·”·P·m"· For works authorized by the river and harbor Act of nineteen hundred and five, as follows: ,§§{,“° M'"' m'°'· Imp1‘0ViDl§ Hay Lake and Neebish Channels, Saint Marys River, ` Michigan: or continuing improvement, three hundred and ninety- Bi 5v;` thousand dollars. f M1 R b S m¤*¤*P * '°'· or continumg° im rovement o `ssissi i iver etween aint mh·¤5“m Paul and Minneapolid) by the construction d)fpLocks and Dams Numbered One and Two, one hundred and eighty thousand dollars. 0¤¤¤¤°· °·*· Improving harbor at Oakland, California: For continuing improvement, in completion of contract authorization, one hundred and forty- six thousand dollars. _ _ ·¤Q,°{j'““B*"°’·*'k· Improving Ouachita_ River, Arkansas and Lou1s1ana:_ For con- ` tinuing improvement, m completion of contract authorization, of Ouachita and Black rivers, Arkansas and Louisiana, by the construction of Lock Numbered Four, near Monroe, Louisiana, and of Lock Numbered·Six, near Roland Raft, Arkansas, forty thousand three mw, hupillred and twelve dollar? M1 mg F sam anim rovmg` Sam` t Marys iver, 'can: or continuin im rovem°h` mentlint the falls, two hundred and twenty-five thousand dollaiis. ‘1‘•¤¤¤=·.W¤¤· Improving harbor at Tacoma, Washington: For completing improvement of the Puyallup waterwaiy in accordance with the terms V•>*· ¤· P- ¤“~ and conditions named in the river an harbor Act of nineteen hundred _ and five, forty thousand dollars. · V°‘·“*·P·“”“· For works authorized by the river and harbor Act of nineteen hundred and seven, as follows: _ _ _ . m-?;;: *’¤¤ *°" Improving Aransas Pass and Bay, Texas: For continuing improve- 1(peipt in completion of contract authorization, nmety thousand o ars. ‘ Wl5g_ :g·gy_m*·=*· Improving Big Sandy _River, West Virginia and Kentucky: For contmuing improvement in completion of contract authorization, by ` the construction of Dam Num ered One, Levisa Fork, and Dam Numbered One, Tug Fork, iifiiy thousand dollars. nswayue B•v·F\•· Improving Biscayne Bay, lorida: For continuing improvement ipucompletion of contract authorization, twenty-seven thousand o ars. d:¥;·;;kAYL¤¤*¤*·°¤-· Improving Black Wanior, Warrior, and Tombigbee rivers, Ala- 'bama: For continuing improvement by the construction of locks and dams, one million dollars. NB;,¤¤k ¤’~¤¢*= ¤·¤¤—·*· Improving Black Rock Harbor, New York: For continuing imprpprement in completion of contract authorization, one million o ars. B<>¤¤¤¤-Mm Improving harbor at Boston, Massachusetts: For continuing implpovemezintdcg thirty-five foot channel, one million two hundred thousand dollars. nmm mm. rex. Im roving Brazos River, Texas: For continuing improvement from Old &8Sl11 l1 to Waco biy the construction of lock and dam at Hidalgo F , fiftyothousan dollars. Brldzepcmconn. Improving har r at Bridgeport, Connecticut: For continuing improvement one hundred thousand dollars. nmmwsek, ca. mproving harbor at Brunswick, Georgia: For completing improvement, forty-seven thousand dollars. cammee ami, m. Improving Calumet River, Illinois and Indiana: For completing “°° I"d‘ im rovement, thirty thousand dollars. Ncgve Fear River, Fmproving Cape Fear River, _N0rth Carolina: For continuing °_ ‘ improvement at and below Wilminlgton, in completion of contract authorization, one hundred thousan dollars. °*¤'°'¤¤·*·°¤*¤- Improving harbor at Cleveland, Ohio: For continuing im rovement in accordance with plan for new harbor entrance and break- _water extension, one hundred and seventy-five thousand dollars.