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1004 sixrrnrn conomass. sms. II. cu. 299. 1909. Byg_j},§¤· H·>¤<>1¤1¤· Mrpganr g<isr,dWA1K{1K1, lgcanonpnrg HnWAII FOf ponds com artillery pes:. on a txona an urc ase the n neer epa men in conneextéonkwgthlfhe poiistrlgction ofia fopr-cdlmpaépyl coast artillery post at af, onouu, awaii ythousand dollars. rm1a•ys¤1,n.ue¤. Foar Bnrmn, N nw Mnxrcd : For the construction of a cold storage P°"°' "l'“‘°‘ and central ower plant at the United States Army General Hospital, Fort_ Bayard, New Mexico, and the installation therein of an icemaking and refngerating plant, and a power pumping plant for water supply, and for generating electr1c1ty to light the post, eighty thousan dollars. imma. , Cavnmrr 1>os·r, Hawur Tnnnrronrz For the construction of the e,f,lm°°'“ ‘*““°°”· ofHeers’ quarters, barracks, storehouses, and so forth, necessary for the aiccdmerlodlxition cg headquarters and two squadrons of cavalry, two un thousand dollars. ¥,p:ge§,g$g;,3§~¤¤¤ Forrr Mmmm, Sourn DA1ro·rA: For building reservoirs on the ` timber reservation of Fort Meade, South Dakota, for impounding the water, and for the construction of a pipe line to bin? the water down by gravity to the post mains, one hundred thousan dollars. _ _ N§;,>j·¤¤¤ ¥¤¤¤¤¤ Enmnemumnr or Govnnnons Ismnp, Naw York: For continuing nnmgmg. man of improvement for the enlargement of Govemors Island, New H orklfiarbor, léyltherf work, dredging, bulkhead, and filling, seventy- ve thousand o . c,L‘%¢:{f>· Sw F¤*¤· PRESII?I0·MILITAII}Y Rmsnnvyrron, San Fnancrsoo, Canmonnuz rmiimvemem. For continuing the improvement of the grounds within the Presidio

 gesrvatron, an Francisco, California, seven thousand five

un re dollars. KET ¤···v·=¤w¤¤1¤. Mrnrrnrzr muson, Fonr Lnavnnwonrn, Kansas: For continuing neeeuspmeuug the reconstruction, upon land owned bpthe United States, of the '“‘“““"' P"“‘°“· militariy prison at Fort Leavenworth, ansas, this amount to be expen ed so as to give the maximum amount of employment to the

 inmates of the prison, two hundred and fifty thousand dollars: Pro-

` mded, That hereafter the government and control of the United States Military Prison shall, under the Secretary of War, be vested in the Board of Commissioners of the United States Soldiers’ Home, which board shall consist as at present of the Surgeon-General, the Commissaxy-General, the Adjutant—General, the Quartermaster-General, the Chief of Engineers, the J udge·Advocate-General, and the Governor of the Home, and the president of said board, who shall be the senior R¤1><>r¢· in rank of the members thereof, shall submit annually to the Secretary of War, for transmission to Congress, a full statement of the financial End pther affairs of both the home and the prison for the preceding sca year. Re1;g;g,}’;{j,g{,g§;lgj·r>‘ _ FORT Rrrnr Mnrrranr Rmsnavnrron, Kansas: For the preservad·1;:;ce§;L;gm£·¤m tiglntof th§ bank hue ofbRepub;1cantR1v¢3· in fgonzlpf the Fiort Riley · 1 1 a eserva ron, y reve men an suc o er wor as mav be necldssary to protect the said reservation from damage by erosion, twenty-five thousand dollars, to be immediately available.

Ve- Fonr Monson, Vmcrnmz Wharf, roads, and sewer: For repair and

maintenance of wharf, mcluding all necessary labor and material therefor, fuel for waiting rooms, and water for flushing urinals and closets, painting, repairs, brooms, shovels, and so forth, nine hundred and eighty dollars; reparrs to apron of wharf, including all necessarv labor and material therefor, four thousand one hundred and fifty-fiv:e dollars; wharfinger, nme hundred dollars; two laborers, nine hundred dollars; in all, six thousand nine hundred and tl1l.I"fy—f1V0 dollars; for one-half of said sum, to be supplied by the United States. three _ thousand four hundred and sixty-seven dollars and fifty cents. ¤°P*¤¤*·°°¤· Repairs and operation of roads, pavements, streets, lights, and general police: For rakes, shovels, and brooms; repairs to roadway, pavements, macadam and asphalt block; repairs to street crossings;