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1016 SIXTIETH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 299. 1909. furniture and utensils, and for farm and garden seeds and implements, and for purchase of ice if necessary, fifty thousand dollars; . °l°**•*¤¢· °*°- For clothing, transportation, and traveling expenses, including such ‘ can be- madeat the penitentiary; for the usual gratuities " as provided by law to prisoners at release, including transportation to lace of conviction or place of bona fide residence in the United States; ibr expenses of (penitentiary officials while traveling on duty; for expenses incurre in identifying and pursuing escape prisoners,. and for rewards for their recapture, twenty-five thousand dollars; 1¤•¤¤¤•¤¤¤¤¤- Forrniscellarreous expenditures in the discretion of the Attorney- · General, for fuel, forage, hay, light, water, stationery, pprchase of fuel for generating steam, heating apparatus, burning bric and lime; fora e for issue to public animals, and hay. and straw for bedding; bland: books blank forms, ty§wr·iting supplies, pencils and memo- — randum books for guards, boo for use in chap: , paper, envelopes, and postage stamps for issue to prisoners; for la or and materials for repairing steam-heating plant, electric plant and water circulation, and drain e; for labor and materials for construction and repair of buildingsffor general supplies, machinery, and tools for use on farm and in shops, brickyard, quarry, limekiln, laundry, bathrooms, printing office, photogra h gallery, stables, policing buildings and grounds; for the purchase ofp cows, horses, mules, wagons, harness, veterinary supplies, lubricating oils, office furniture, stoves, blankets, bedding, iron bunks, paints and oils, library books, newspapers and periodicals, and electrical supplies; for ayment of water suppl , telegrams, telephone service, notarial and veterinaq services; for advertising in newspapers; for fees to consulting p ysicians called to determine mental condition of suppomd insane prisoners, and for other services in cases of emergency; or pay of extra guards when deemed necessary by the Attorney-General, and for expense of care and medical treatment of guards who may be injured by prisoners while said guards are gniieavoring to prevent escapes or suppressing munity, forty thousand o ars; Hwpitd. For hospital supplies, including purchase of medicines, medical and surgical supplies, and all other articles for the care and treatment of sick prisoners; and for expenses of interment of deceased prisoners two thousand five hundred dollars; ` S¤¤¤’l¤¤· For salaries, including ay of officials and emplo •ees, as follows: Warden, four thousand oillars; deputy warden, two thousand dollars; chaplain, one thousand five hundred dollars; chaplain, six hundred dollars; (physician, one thousand six hundred dollars; chief clerk, one thousan eight hundred dollars; bookkec er and record clerk, one thousand two hundred dollars; stenograpiier, nine hundred dollars; four clerks, at nine hundred dollars each; steward, nine hundred dollars; superintendent of farm and trans rtation, nine hundred dollars; superintendent of industries and storekgeper, one thousand two hundred dollars; two captains of watch, at one thousand dollars each; guards, at seventy dollars per month each, forty-nine thousand five undred and sixty dollars; two teamsters, at six hundred dollars each; engineer and electrician, one thousand five hundred dollars; assistant engineer and electrician, one thousand two hundred dollars; in all, seventy-five thousand six hundred and sixty dollars; ' For foremen, shoemaker, harness maker, carpenter, blacksmith taifpr, and tinner, when necessary, four thousand eight hundred dollars; . In all, one hundred and ninety-seven thousand nine hrmdred and sixty dollars.