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SIXTIETH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 301. 1909. 1045 For acclimatization and adaptation investigations of cotton, corn, €;j°°“m'*°i’*“°¤· and other cropls introduced from tropical regions, seventeen thou- ` sand nine hun ed and ninety dollars; For drug plant, poisonous plant, tea culture, and general physio- Dmg 1********- °*°· logical an fermentation investigations, forty-three thousand four hundred and twenty dollars; For crop technolo 'cal and fiber plant investigations, thirteen F""' Pl““*·’»**‘°· thousand and thirty cidllars; For investigating the handling, gradin , and baling of cotton, and C°“°“ g"“d*“g·“°· the establishment of standards for the different grades thereof and for carrying into effect the provisions of law relating thereto, twelve thousand two hundred and fift dollars; For investigating the handling, grading, and transportation of "'“*“ g“*‘““g· °“’· grain, and the fixing of definite grades thereof, fifty-two thousand our hundred and forty dollars; For physical investigations in connection with the various lines of t,(§_‘§“°“‘ ‘“"°*‘"g“‘ work herein authorized, fifteen thousand five hundred and ten dollars; ` To collect, purchase, propagate, test, and enfisperiment with seeds of N°‘"°°"S· °*°· interest to agriculture, including rare new see , bulbs, trees, shrubs, gines, cuttings, and plants, eleven thousand five hundred and fifty ollars; For studying and testing commercial seeds, including the testing of F°“*° “°°“» °‘°· samples of seeds of grasses, clover, or alfalfa secured in the open mar et and the pub ication, where such samples are found to be adulterated or misbranded, of the results of the tests, together with the names of the persons b whom the seeds were offered for sale, twenty-five thousand eight hundred and forty dollars; _ For the investigation and improvement of grains and methods of Gm" P“"’“°"°“· grain production, sixty-three thousand nine hundred and ten dollars; For the investigation and improvement of methods of growing, producing, and handling tobacco, twenty-three thousand one undred and eighty dollars;‘ For the improvement of cotton by cultural methods, breeding and °"’“°“ °“““’“· selection, eighteen thousand one hundred and thirty dollars; For general plant breeding and cooperative plant breeding demon- "l”“°*"°°‘“"¤· strations, fourteen thousand eight hundred and forty dollars; _ For testing and breeding fibrous plants, which may be used for ]_,f;,$L{f°"‘““k"‘g paper making, ten thousand dollars; or the breeding and physiological study of alkali-resistant and ·"*"‘*‘“"°"’P’· drought-resistant crops, seventeen thousand five hundred and fifty dollars' For the investigation and improvement of sugar—producmg({>lants, ,_,§;j,_{*"‘¥"""‘*"‘“¥ including their utilization and culture, twenty-four thousan three hundred dollars; For taxonomic investigations and the study of methods for the G"*"“gl““"“· improvement of grazing lands, eighteen thousand two hundred and fift dollars; fro investigate and encourage the adoption of improved methods of F“"” ’““““€““°“'~ farm management and farm practice, one hundred and thirty-three thousand dollars; _ For the study and demonstration of the best methods of meeting C°°‘°“ "°“ "'°°""· the ravages of the cotton boll weevil, two hundred and twenty-five thousand dollars, of which sum fifty thousand dollars shall be immediately available; _ For the investigation and improvement of methods of crop pro- D’*"l““"‘“"‘“‘“g· duction under semiarid or dry-land conditions, thirty-one thousand seven hundred and sixty dollars; _ For investigations in connection with the utilization of lands “°°l“‘“*dl““"‘· reclaimed under the reclamation Act, and other areas in the arid and semiarid regions, seventy-six thousand six hundred and eighty dollars;