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Sec. 45. That the Secretary of War be, and he is hereby, au- vj“’°¤°"° °°“¤°Y· thorized and directed to donate to the board of supervisors of the ` county of Albemarle, State of Virginia, two condemned bronze or brass field ieces, with carriages, and with a suitable outfit ol cannon balls, whidh may not be needed in the service, the same to be placed on the court-house lawn in Charlottesville, Albemarle County, Virginia, beside the monument to be erected there: Provided, That p,·.,,,;,,,_ no expense shall be incurred by the United States in delivering the N° °*P°“’*°· same.

Sec. 46. That the various cannon and other articles of ordnance u§*§_fcg,fm9{§,;¤,;$,$ property furnished under the foregoing provisions of this Act shall Dimes donated. not be required to be accounted for to the Chief of Ordnance.

Sec. 47. That the Chief of Ordnance is hereby authorized to ·sell H§;**{g*&{’,’jgf*€ Q}; without advertisement for public parks, public buildings, and soldiers’ em. pa ’ monuments purposes surp us obsolete brass or bronze cannon, carriages, and cannon balls at such prices as he may deem reasonable and just: Provided, That hereafter obsolete brass or bronze cannon and m&n_ their accessories shall not be disposed of for such purposes except as provided for in this Act.

Approved, March 4, 1909.

March 4, 1909. [H. R. 28192.]
[Public, No. 349.]

CHAP. 320.—An Act To amend and consolidate the Acts respecting copyright.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, Copyrights. Rights of Owners. R.S., sec. 4952, p. 957, amended. Vol. 33, p. 1000.That any person entitled thereto, upon complying with the provsions of this Act, shall have the exclusive right:

(a) To print, vend, etc., copyrighted works.To print, reprint, publish, copy, and vend the copyrighted work;
(b) Translate, dramatize, etc.To translate the copyrighted work into other languages or dialects, or make any other version thereof, if it be a literary work; to dramatize it if it be a nondramatic work; to convert it into a novel or other nondramatic work if it be a drama; to arrange or adapt it if it be a musical work; to complete, execute, and finish it if it be a model or design for a work of art;
(c) Deliver in public as lecture, etc.To deliver or authorize the delivery of the copyrighted work in public for profit if it be a lecture, sermon, address, or similar production;
(d) To perform, exhibit, etc., if drama.To perform or represent the copyrighted work publicly if it be a drama or, if it be a dramatic work and not reproduced in copies for sale, to vend any manuscript or any dramatic record whatsoever thereof; to make or to procure the making of any transcription or record thereof by or from which, in whole or in part, it may in any manner or by any method be exhibited, performed, represented, produced, or reproduced; and to exhibit, perform, represent, produce, or reproduce it in any manner or by any method whatsoever;
(e) If a musical composition.To perform the copyrighted work publicly for profit if it be a musical composition and for the purpose of public performance for profit; and for the purposes set forth in subsection (a) hereof, Mechanical make any arrangement or setting of it or of the melody of it in any system of notation or any form of record in which the thought of an author may be recorded and from which it may be read or reproduced: Provided, Proviso.
Restriction on control of mechanical reproduction.
That the provisions of this Act, so far as they secure copyright controlling the parts of instruments serving to reproduce mechanically the musical work, shall include only compositions published and copyrighted after this Act goes into effect, and shall not include the works of a foreign author or composer unless the foreign state or nation of which such author or composer is a citizen or subject grants, either by treaty, convention, agreement, or law, to citizens of